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According to my handy dandy, WordPress insights, Mondays are the days that my blog gets the most views. So I decided not to leave you all hanging and make sure that I got something posted here today.  Ah, Monday, we meet again.  I may not entirely be ready for this week to start, but I will take it nonetheless.

When I have them, I like to post my sewing projects on these days, but today, I have nothing sewing related to show you all – sorry to all you sewcialists who stop by here purely for that.  Maybe it is the sewing community blog readers giving me all these views?  I just can’t get myself into the sewing room to sew.  That room doubles as the computer/exercise room as well, and these days the computer has been what is distracting me.  I mentioned a couple of weeks back that we upgraded our computer, specifically our operation system.  I am getting the hang of that, but I came to realize that several of my Photoshop actions didn’t make the transfer to the back up drive.  I had a few that I really liked, so I have been working on finding them again, which for a few is proving to be a hard task. They don’t exist anymore!  I’ve been looking for some similar, and that just leads me to start messing around with Photoshop, which leads me to looking at my pictures, which leads me to even more things that keep me from sewing.  But no need to fret, I will have something new before the month is over.  I have to, because once this month is over, school starts for us.

Yup, it is that time, and this weekend my dear homeschooling friends and I came up with our start date for this 2015-2016 school year.  I have an about to be high schooler in the house, and I can’t help but remember myself at that age – braces and all – where has the time gone?  Reminiscing aside, I am very happy about the whole month that is left of this summer break.  Since we’ve pushed our start date back by a couple of weeks, there’s no doubt that spending more time at the lake and out in the sun will be happening before it’s back to books, homework, and grading.  Being one that prefers to be in the shade while I am outside, I am a little surprised by my anxiousness to be spending so much time in the sun these days.  It probably has everything to do with missing out on all that pool time this summer.

Speaking of outdoors, the family and I spent a very big part of yesterday out there doing yard work. As much as we had to do, one might think that we hadn’t done any all season long!  I still had some damage control to take care of as far as my blueberry bushes went.  Those awful cicadas really got to the tops of all my bushes.  They were looking pretty bad, so I took the pruners to them and got rid of all the snapped tops and chewed up branches.  They do look much better now, only a lot shorter.

I’m afraid that is all that is on my mind for now.  I know it wasn’t much, but a little blogging makes a nice start to my week.  I’ve got a few other things that I am working on for the blog, so I hope to have a good week of posts over here.  There will also be all  that outside time I am kind of looking forward to these next few days.

What are your plans for this week?

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