Hi there!  Here we are, another new week in another new month.  How was everybody’s weekend?  Mine was just wonderful!  And even more than the weekend, I had a pretty great week last week.  Remember when I said that I would greatly look forward to the next time I had a reason to think about what to wear?  Well that time came, and I had no problems making my final decision.  In fact, it was my only choice, actually.

Nashville dress 2

That week that I wore more black than I usually like to during the summer was the day that I found this outfit in question.  I found it at Kohl’s on one of their wonderful clearance racks.  As I shuffled about the rows and rows of clothing, I found THE DRESS that I knew would be coming home with me.

Nashville dress back

The only problem was the size.  It was bigger than my usual, but I figured I would make it work.  I made my way into the dressing room just to find out that this one size bigger was not gonna work at all.  I was devastated, and determined to search all the racks until I found another, but that ‘nother one showed up in the next size smaller to my usual.  Guess what?  It fit, and it was even a little looser than I would have liked in the bodice.  I could live with this, and it was definitely THE DRESS that was coming home with me that day, and I would have no problems finding a reason to wear it in the very near future.

Nashville dress

That very near future came this last Thursday.  My guy was in Nashville on business for most of last week, and he had the wonderful idea for me to meet him after his meetings for a night out.  He was downtown and there was no doubt we would find something to do for a night in the city.  First stop, Rock Bottom Brewery for appetizers and drinks.



We ourselves were just gonna do dinner and then find something else afterwards, but since the conference he was attending had a complimentary dinner party, and he was able to get me an admittance bracelet, we thought we should at least make an appearance.  It was well worth it.  The night was lovely and we were quite content to remain the rest of the evening with each other overlooking the river, with the sound of music in the background, at the George Jones Museum’s rooftop bar.


The weather, which the day before was the hottest of the summer (my local temperature with the heat index being 122), had just cooled down that day.  The humidity had blown out, and the afternoon breeze stuck around.  We were able to enjoy the night up on the roof with a generous supply of refreshments and a wonderful view of the Cumberland River by sunset, and the lit up Nashville night sky just behind us.  We had a great time there.  We talked, enjoyed the sights below us, and I’m pretty sure we even spotted a drone on the other side of the river as it got dark.



I am now convinced that since the dog is not a puppy anymore, and the boy is well able to assist in dog-sitting while at the sitters, we should be doing things like this on a more regular basis.  My guy agrees.

I cannot wait for the next night out, and the newly bought or me-made dress that will be accompanying me on my way.

What I’m wearing:  Dress – Milly for Design Nation (Kohl’s) || Shoes- Old Navy || Necklace – thrifted || Sunglasses – Raybans

Next up on the blogging agenda, my slightly late Thursday Thrift post for July.  It will be up within the next couple of days, so make sure and stop back by.

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