Rocket Dog slingbacks

The Thursday Thrift // July

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I know I am late for my own party, but I am finally here, so we can now get on with it.  It is time again for my monthly thrifted feature, and as I sometimes do over here on the blog, this month I am taking about a thrifted pair of hand-me-down shoes.  Hand-me-down for sure, I’m not completely positive about the thrifted part before that.  But, as I have proclaimed in times past, hand-me-downs most definitely count as a thrifty find.

Rocket Dog slingbacks

Readers, I give you the spotlighted item of the month:  A pair of Rocket Dog sling back wedges, and perhaps the first pair of pretty shoes that I have worn this summer.  This outfit was from a couple of weeks back, and I just knew when I got this pair of shoes from my niece a few months before that, that they HAD to be worn with my Springtime in Paris dress.  Look how well they match!

retro style fashion

I didn’t have to pay any attention to the fact that they are a size 6, which is one size too big. Because of the adjustable back strap, they ended up fitting pretty well.  Not well enough to take a long stroll or even a quick paced walked, mind you, but well enough for the day that was at hand, and I only had to really take them off so that they would show up better in the pictures.

Thursday Thrift July 2

I am very happy with my most recent pair of pretty shoes!

Now to you.  As I usually ask, please leave me a link to any thrift inspired outfit posts that you may have up on your blog.  I love checking them out!

I will be back at the end of the month for August’s Thursday Thrift (hopefully in a more timely manner than this month’s), but until then feel free to follow the blog for all the other posts that come up before then.  I’d love to have you as a new reader.

What I’m wearing:  Shoes – Rocket Dog || Dress – Springtime in Paris (made-by-me) ||  Necklace – Avon

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