Hi, everyone.  I am a little behind with posting over here, but no need to worry, I can get you all caught up pretty quickly.  I’ve been busy, but mostly I’ve been having fun.  Being on the go isn’t that bad when the places you are going and the things you are doing are with the people you love to spend your time with the most.  My guy, the boy, and I have been doing plenty these last few days, and it has been great.


I will start with last week.  We have been on a roll with making it to the gym on Sundays, and last week was no exception.  I like the gym on a Sunday mostly because when we go we are usually the only ones in the place, and having the whole gym to yourself is pretty nice.  After the gym, we skipped out on yard work, and instead went to the local bowling alley for a couple of games and then afterwards home where my guy and I enjoyed some time on the back deck.  The weather was hot the week before last, but it cooled just enough for a couple of days early this week to actually enjoy some time outside.  We even picked up a pack of beer to sip on as we spent the evening watching the sun set.


Monday through Wednesday we were dealing with vehicle maintenance.  We had a lawn mower to tend to and that took several days to get completely taken care of.  Then there was our car that needed a little TLC as well.  Oil changes, in my experience, are never an in, out, and on your way type of thing.  But all that did eventually get done, and I even managed to squeeze in a few hours between the lawn mower and the car for a little hair treatment.


Now for Thursday.  My guy and I had dentist appointments, and since our dentist is in the Nashville area, we always make a day of it.  It was rainy, so walking the square in downtown Franklin, checking out those antique/boutique stores that I like so much was out of the question.  Instead, we conveniently found ourselves a few blocks from the dentist at the Goodwill.  Here I thought I lost my sunglasses, but since I found two new-to-me dresses – one of which is my newest most favorite – I felt a little bit better about the loss of my favorite shades.  I almost cried, but then stopped to think about how they have been around since 2006, and really were in need of being replaced.  I just couldn’t figure out how I had left them behind, and decided it must have been that dumb umbrella which was an extra thing for me to be keeping track of, that took my mind away from grabbing them when I left the bathroom or the dressing room.  But still, I just couldn’t believe that I had lost them.  After my teeth got cleaned, I called the store and figured I would ask once more if they had been found before I took my guy’s advice to ‘just get over it’.  Nothing.  As we were about to drive away, I really stuck my hand down between the car seats, and there they were, blending in with the black interior.  I knew I couldn’t have just left them behind.  Whew, so a ‘new pair of sunglasses’ didn’t have to get put on my shopping list.

westbound I-40 on the way home

This day ended with a delicious dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, J. Alexander’s, and then a little bit of baby shower shopping and some donuts.  Which, are an absolute favorite of mine, and unfortunately were somewhat of a disappointment to everyone.  My usual sprinkle coated donut splurge was not available so I settled on a maple and a strawberry.  Both of which had probably been sitting in the display case a little too long, and both of which did not taste very good.  I ate them anyway.

a couple of yard working, ready hands

Friday, the boy and I helped to pull weeds at the vineyard.  Well, let me say that differently, I helped to pull weeds, the boy pruned.  It was a wonderful day for it.  The rain from the day before had left the ground very easy to work with, and the heat was bearable until about 1230.  The most exciting part of this day were the two eggs that we found in the ground, which contained a couple of very actively slithering snakes upon further investigation of said eggs.


I had an ambitions thought to make a last minute baby dress on Friday afternoon.  I got it cut out before the gym and then ‘real quick’ sewed it up Saturday night.  Real quick took almost three hours.  Two hours longer than I thought it would.  There were sleeves on it, and I’m still not the best or the quickest when it comes to putting sleeves on my dresses.  At least sleeves on a baby dress are okay on the puffy side.


Sunday was baby shower day and it was a lot of fun.  LOTS of food, lots of friends, and just a great wonderful end to the weekend.

First time trying a Kit-Kat cake. Also, first time ever hearing of such a thing as a Kit-Kat cake.

Now, it’s Monday and my original plan was to be out pulling more weeds at the vineyard, but instead I woke up to rain and I’m quite happy to have a day at home with nothing planned.  I must get online and start ordering school books, and I have some nice new fabric waiting to be cut into.  I got a little bit of a sewing itch, finally, after Saturday night’s sewing session.  Dreary, rainy days are perfect for making something pretty!


And that is it from me until next time…

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