I have had plenty on my plate of life lately.  So much so that I have not found much time to do all that I want.  Last week kept me busier than I would have liked, and I don’t see it being much different this week.  But before this week starts to get away from me, let me get caught up over here with that little bit of my life that I so often tell everyone about.

Last week…


Last week I spent more time out in the vineyard.  There are always weeds to pull and things to do over there, and I think I have spent more time out doing stuff with the vines these last couple of months than I ever have before.  We may have a time or two left to go through the rows and pull weeds before this growing season is over, but this week’s work should keep us more in the upright form.  It is starting to be picking season and on our first day, today, we got just over half a gallon of fruit.  Much more than we were expecting.  Technically, that didn’t have to do with last week, but I don’t think anyone cares if I throw it in.

I may have had myself a little more coffee than usual lately

Last week I also helped a friend pack to get ready to move.  That was a good several hours of one day, and I was still left with time to get to a few other things.  And those few other things that probably took the most of my free time, ordering school books for my boy.  This took longer than that packing I did, and probably wore me out the most.  Searching and searching for deals; then searching and searching for other deals; plus, time for emails and correspondence to get with the sellers; and then there is the frustration of ebay bidding.  Ugh!  Once the ‘used’ books get close to being the cost of brand new, I am out of the race.  How so many people can spend so much more than the price of a new book gets me.  Maybe you feel like you got a deal if you found it on ebay?  Not me.  I ended up with new sets for a couple of things because ebay was not going to save me any money at all.

That’s done though, so at least I don’t have to worry about that one this week.  There are only a couple of things left school shopping wise that I need and those are in my Amazon cart, available with Prime, so no worries there.


Lastly on what took most of my time last week, the gym.  Roughly I logged about eight hours, and that didn’t include my usual two hour Monday.  (My guy and I chose Outback to working out on that day.  It was worth it!)  We even had the great idea to go work out on Saturday night.  That was a first, but as always, it is nice having the whole gym to yourself, and really who works out at 9pm on Saturday, we do now apparently!

my outfit of the week – worn only a couple of hours each time so it’s okay to wear it more than once, er twice, right?

So if the week before last was all about fun stuff, last week was about the busy stuff, what will this week be about?  I am hoping to be around the computer long enough to get that post up on Friday, as is my usual.  Until then, I will be hoping for more leisurely stuff this week.  Let’s see…

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