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I hate that I am starting to think of school related things already.  There is still plenty left of summer, but that little responsible planning voice in the back of my head is starting to get my attention more and more as the hot days pass on.  But before I give in to planning for another school year, we are quite content on enjoying all we can of this summer break.  This week was no exception.


Not one, but two days this week found me surrounded by lake water and sunshine.  It started on Sunday when we had our first lake day of the season.  I say first, because I think there are plans for there to be another one sometime before the season is done.  It was a hot day but not as hot as the day was on Monday.


Monday we were in Nashville for our first ever trip to Nashville Shores.  If there was ever a day to be outside close to water, it was that day.  No complaints from me, I had plenty of sunscreen and plenty of friendly company to pass the day out in the heat.  I will admit, after spending all day Sunday at the lake, going to the water park the next day did require some friendly self-affirmations:  Sure you can handle two days outside with limited shade and overwhelming heat.  Oh course, you will probably get a little more sun than you would like, but the boy will be ever so happy for it.  So, yeah, no complaints from me.


As for the food part of my week, there was a lot of it.  We had friends visiting Tennessee, and if there ever is a time to feast with my bunch of friends, it’s when there are visitors – or when we have lake day, or whenever we get together actually.  This food I am taking about though is not just any kind of food, it is New Mexican food.  Green chili enchiladas, specifically.  I am a fan of red, don’t get me wrong, but I never make green chili ones since I am the only one in this house who eats them.  When we had 20 plus friends all together for dinner though, there were two pans of each kind.  And that was only one day of feast eating, last Friday was another story.  It was a little hard to keep track of my calories/macros those few days, but I am pretty sure I came out alright since the scale hasn’t taken a jump in the wrong direction.


Now, about those weeds.  I had to do some kind of work this week; it couldn’t all just be about water fun, sunshine, and too much food.  Before we got to them, we found that the elderberries were starting to ripen up.  This was a nice surprise, and I am excited that we might end up with enough this year with which to make something.  I am very hopeful.  After that find, the boy and I started helping with the weeds.  We started last Friday in the vineyard, and got them finished up on Tuesday.  Then, there were the weeds here at home that needed some work.  The easy thing about the weeds at my house is that they don’t require that much bending over and pulling.  For these, a mower or a weed whacker does a pretty good job.  But it was another couple of days spent in the hot sun.  We’ve even had heat advisories, so after the time outdoors, there isn’t much I want to do once I come inside.

That’s about where I am now: hot, tired, and ready for the weekend.  I guess I should spend a little bit of time doing some inside stuff, there is always that, and how can I complain when we have this wonderful thing called air conditioning.

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    1. I know, the heat came be awful! And a few days it didn’t even get below 80 overnight, ugh! The splashpad, even as small as some of them are, make for a great, fun way to cool down this time of the year. Thanks for you comment. 🙂

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