A Vintage Standout

Who doesn’t like accessories?  It would be even better is these accessories were made of diamonds, wouldn’t it?  I can’t say I have much diamond jewelry in my collection, just a few… Well, okay, maybe less than a few of my accessories have diamonds.  But still, diamonds are beautiful and make any outfit that much more wonderful.

I was recently contacted by the company Brilliant Earth.  They specialize in ethically sourced, conflict free diamonds.  They asked me if I would be interested in participating in their Personality Style Challenge, which would require me to come up with a style board based around some of their beautiful diamond jewelry.  Of course, I said yes!

Of the personality choices I had available, I went primarily with the vintage selection.  I love vintage jewelry, and I loved what they had to choose from.  I also liked their standout pieces, so I came up with a combination of the two.  For myself, I like simple, classic styles with a little bit of character or color.

A Vintage Standout

The earrings and the ring were from the vintage choices, and the pendant necklace was one of the standout pieces.

What do you think?

The Promenade Earrings Silver Peridot Twist Pendant 18K White Gold Tiara Eternity Diamond Ring

A big thank you to Brilliant Earth for selecting me to participate in this challenge. I loved coming up with an outfit for these wonderful accessories.

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