Chuck Chucks // Product Review

Chuck-Chucks braceletsI am accessorizing all kinds this week, and I have something else to tell you about in the accessory and review department.  First off, when it comes to jewelry, I like it and I sometimes wear it – mostly in the form of rings and necklaces.  I am a fan of uniqueness when it comes to the jewelry that I wear, the more original the better.

A short while ago, I got a pre-launch invitation to receive a new jewelry product in exchange for a review.  The company is called Chuck-Chucks.  The name is a play on words basically meaning a “cool and awesome expression.”  They make these basic leather bands with snap attachments, on which you can express your own personal style.  They have a variety of snap-on pieces to choose from, even including watch faces and character designs.  Kind of original, I thought.  Sound like something I would be interested in.


There were lots of color choices for the bands making it really easy to mix and match, and also hard for me to pick just one.  For my band, I went with black leather – I should have chosen something else like bright red or yellow, but I was being boring.  I was able to pick out six chucks for my review, and I pretty much went with some of the silver, metal choices.  And since I like green, I had to pick a few with that color.  The items all came individually wrapped and inside of a plastic storage box.  What I like most about this bracelet is how you can have it be something different every time you wear it.

Overall, I was very happy with the style and the design of what I received.  There were so many colors, designs, and themes from which to choose, and I liked all of the attachments that I picked out except for the watch face.  Yes, it was a nice looking watch, but when I put it on the bracelet, I thought it stuck out a little too far for my liking – just a personal preference.  Also, I had some trouble with the watch when taking it off of the band.  Since it is a snap, a few times just the watch face came off leaving the back piece behind.  I can see that this might be a problem if the watch were to ever bump into something while being worn, causing it to maybe fall from the band.  Although, at least I know it won’t be hard to replace the battery when the time comes.  (Some watch backs can be impossible to remove.)

As far as the fit goes, this bracelet was a little on the loose side for me.  This might not be saying much because I have very small wrists and I rarely ever find a good fit when it comes to bracelets.  I am confident to say most people probably won’t have this same problem.  I did wear my bracelet with a long sleeved top, and I ended up being really happy with how it looked and because of the sleeves, it didn’t feel as loose as I was worried it would.  There were two snaps to close the band, so I was able to make it a bit smaller by using just one of the closing snaps and it stayed on my wrist just fine.

snap bracelet

Chuck-Chucks braceletI think these would make a great gift, especially for the young and hip – such as I like to think that I am – and I am happy to have had the chance to try one out.

The nice people over at Chuck-Chucks have offered a discount for any of my readers who would like to get one of these personalized bracelets.  It seems they are still setting up shop, so a few items are still to come such as bangles, pendants, and earrings.  You can use the code rejoicefortheday1 to get a 50% off discount from their website.

*Disclaimer – I was offered this product, at no cost, in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.  Purchasing anything from the site using my code may result in me earning a small commission.  

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