The Cold Weather Blues

On the iceFrozen streams and plenty of layers.

I am ready for this cold weather to be gone.  I have warned you all before that I tend to complain about the weather.  Usually my complaint is that it is too humid, but lately, it has just been too cold!  Highs in the teens with wind chills well into the single digits.  Then random days of almost 60 with the next day’s temps to be plunged down to arctic degrees.  I am tired of it, I tell you!

The springtime warmth is really starting to sound nice right about now.  Sorry for my complaints, but I couldn’t keep them in much longer.  I am tired of my toes being frozen and my daily wardrobe being ruined by how cold it is outside.  I don’t have near enough winter clothes, and as much as I couldn’t wait for winter, I am so over it.

Enough of that, my apologies for the brief rant.  Back to a non-complaining blog post… Maybe.

What about this week?  It may just seem I have given up on the gym.  Only a temporary slump, I am sure.  I have been enjoying the nanny life recently, and working out has been the last thing on my mind.  If you saw my house these days, you might also think I have given up on being a housekeeper as well.  This, too, is only a temporary thing.  I hope to be back in full swing of working out and cleaning by this time next week.  I hope…

And, to make skipping the gym even worse, my free time lately has been spent eating chocolate.  How awful is that?  Well, not all of my free time, I have found some time to blog, and I am working on my new hobby of knitting – which is going well by the way.  The chocolate was my guy’s doing and we are trying to get rid of it, because apparently, we just can’t keep it in the house without eating it.  We were in Nashville last week and found that Whole Foods has English candy, my hubby’s childhood all over again, so of course he had to end up buying way too much of it, at Whole Foods, the health food store – sweets are not health food no matter where they come from!  Anyway, when we bought it, after going to the dentist I might add (cavity free as well), we told ourselves we wouldn’t eat it all at once.  Well, it has taken less than a week to eat it all, and I really thought we could make it last.  The cold weather blues are definitely to blame, I think.

For not ranting on, I ended up making a full post of it didn’t I?  I completely blame it on the weather.  I have a nice new dress that I made for January and I could have blogged about it instead, but I haven’t gotten any outfit photos.  And what is a blog post about a dress without any outfit photos?  This week the weather was to blame for just about everything!  However, I did get to take a nice hike yesterday.  I will have more about that in a few days; It deserves a post of its own.

Hope you are warmer than I am, and that you all have a great weekend.  I guess the good thing about it being so cold is that my winter boots can finally get out of the closet and get worn.  Unfortunately, my boots are more for fashion and not so much for warmth.  Maybe this weekend, I can save some boots while shopping for a new pair.  The winter shoes just might be on sale.

Thanks for stopping by!

6 Replies to “The Cold Weather Blues”

  1. Even though I couldn’t begin to blame sweet-eating on the weather (it’s only in the 50’s here in LA. Sorry.), I have to know… what English candy is your husband’s favorite? I remember trying a Aero bar in Europe and falling in love, just a little.


    1. Anything Cadbury, but his all time favorite is the assorted box of Cadbury Roses. We don’t usually come across them often, but Flake’s and Buttons are just as loved. Aero’s are another he has introduced me to, pretty good for being just a candy bar. 🙂


  2. Ah, I so relate to this, from the being done with winter, to the eating chocolate and not working out! I had all of these great plans to get back into my exercise routine in January, but the cold just makes me want to hibernate, and we still seem to have tons of chocolate left over from the holidays – not a good combination!


  3. It must be colder in the USA that it is here in the UK – it is mild for winter but we just get endless rain!
    You seem to have been wearing jeans quite a bit recently. I have just started a blog of my experiences of my transition from skirts/dresses only into an occasional pants (trousers) wearer.


    1. It has been a pretty cold winter. There is usually much more rain this time of year, so I guess it could be worse. We could be having cold and rain which would end up being ice, and I probably dislike the ice more than the cold.
      Jeans are the easiest choice for me when I am spending time outdoors, especially when they are on the loose side, like these, and I can really layer. 🙂
      Thanks for the link.


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