January’s Dress

Simplicity 3833 (edit)

I just don’t want to make weather appropriate dresses, do I?  Here is another spring/summery dress that I have made and it is probably the coldest month of the year.  Maybe I secretly love the super hot, humid summers, and it is so secret that even I don’t know about it.  My dress making choices seem to imply that at least.

This was not the dress I originally intended to make though.  I was going to do another July style dress, but this time with the other bodice from the pattern.  This was the material I was going to originally use, however.  It was my super cheap, practice material that turned into a pretty nice, wearable dress.

I was out one day with a friend and stopped into Joanne’s really quickly to see what kind of goodies were on the sale tables.  Oh, happy day!  The Simplicity patterns were 5 for $5.oo, so I finally got to get all of the ones that I have been eying, this pattern included:

Simplicity 3833This dress was so easy to make.  It took me three Sundays to complete it, but I really could have done it in one day.  The first day, I only cut out the pattern.  The next week it would have been done, but I didn’t have the right sized zipper, so the third day was for the finishing touches.

After my last couple of dresses having way to much extra to cut off towards the end, I went with a smaller size, and it was perfect.  The instructions called for a lapped zipper, and you know what, it was easy and came out great in only one go.  I had more than enough thread, thank you mom for all of the colorful serger spools, but I did run the machine thread that I used for top stitching and hemming down to almost the end.  It was my first time top stitching, so a few of my lines were a little less than straight when I first got started.  This was only because I didn’t line my presser foot up with the seam like I should have.  I will probably fix these once I get some more thread for that, or maybe not.  They really don’t look that bad.

I didn’t do the version with sleeves as much as I really wanted to.  I am having issues putting in my own sleeves lately, and I wanted a stress free sewing experience with this project.  I came across an online sew-a-long for this pattern, and she has a sleeve tutorial I think will help me.  I know I will have another one of these dresses in the not too distant future.  And I am gonna make it with the contrasting top next time as well.

Simplicity 3833 topFront partial view and you might just be able to see that top stitch mess up… Oops.

Simplicity 3833 top backpartial view of the back lapped zipper

easy to make dressFrom this angle, my top stitching doesn’t look that bad.

easy to make dress backFull back view

Any other sewists made this dress yet?  What did you think?  Leave me a link, if you have, I would love to check it out.

Now, I need to go figure out how to oil my serger.  It was sounding kind of weird toward the end of making this dress, and I am sure it is well over due for a little TLC.
Simplicity 3833 Sew Along

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5 Replies to “January’s Dress”

  1. You have made dresses not according to weather but according to your choice & fashion. Dress is for summer, but can be wear in any season according to your choice. It is good to stitch dresses for own as it is easy to later on modify. Nice. I would like to share sites that if of your interest Click here


  2. I must say this looks like a fun dress to make and wear. I hope to have a sewing machine one day but probably not in the near future, although I have been blessed with time around my job that I could spend some time sewing. It has been awhile a very long while since I’ve sewed but hopefully it’s like riding a bike…
    After this I want to go check out the pretty white summer dress I saw you posted and get a closer look.


    1. I can’t wait for better weather so that I can wear the dress longer than just for pictures. It was a fun make. I think sewing is kind of like riding a bike, good luck when you get back to it. 🙂


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