I am going to once again pretend that it is Friday and I am writing this post on time.  Really, this time yesterday I was getting ready for bed and sleeping was more of a priority than blogging.  I am well rested today, so here is my Friday post.

The week was busy, but overall pretty uneventful.  Sunday our family of three went out to Jackson for the afternoon.  We enjoyed some family time together and ended our afternoon out at Buffalo Wild Wings for a late lunch, early dinner.  You all know what that meant, I didn’t have to cook.  So, we got home and I started on that dress I blogged about Monday.

Do I buy it or use it as inspiration and make it? Choices, choices…

Monday, I finished the dress, took pics and spent some time on the computer editing photos and catching up online.  That is how I spent a lot of last week, actually.  Editing photos takes plenty of time and blogging does as well.  This week I spent a good amount of time with the blog.  I had two posts, if  you recall, and I got caught up on some blog reading, plus went through my Blog Lovin feed which I haven’t done in awhile.  It was nice getting to spend a little time being inspired by things online.  It was way nicer than being outside, that is for sure.

We had our hottest week of the year last week (at least I think it was), and it was the humidity that made it really bad.  It took less than a minute to start sweating when I went out to walk the dog.  Literally, before I even made it to the end of the driveway, I was sweating.  Needless to say, I didn’t do too much outside except pick elderberries during the week, and take the dog for a few shorter than usual dog walks.  When I was ready to get out and do some work, the rain showed up, and kept me inside as well.  We also had some pretty good rain storms throughout the week.  Almost enough rain to have to pull over.

I got to quilt a little bit with several of my friends earlier in the week, and my boy got to swim at one of said friend’s house.  It was early, so the water wasn’t that hot.  Yes, the water can even get too hot to be enjoyable when we have temperatures like we have been having.  I also started sewing a skirt.  It should have been done that very hour, but I got tired and never ended up going back to it.  I think I will do that tonight when I get done on the blog.

My boy and I made another trip to Nashville, which was a last minute thing, but we did manage to find one more wall mural to tick off the list.  All those years I’ve been dragging him down the road so I can take pictures, and now he actually enjoys it.  It’s now fun for the both of us.  🙂

Other than that, I did my usual housework and made it to the gym for my usual HIIT class, and I actually made all four days of it.  I started doing some weights too this week – well more than I had been anyway – and I am feeling like I am ready to start following a regular lifting routine again too.  It was back in March that I started taking it easy at the gym due to a seemingly sluggish thyroid, and I have been purposely taking it very easy while I work on my diet and nutrition.  Well, I’ve been working on it, and it is working.  I feel wonderful again!

And that was this week.  I am looking forward to the next.  The weather will be cooler, it already was today, and the humidity is down; that alone is enough to make me want to spend the day outside.  I’ve got a lot planned and it starts tomorrow with yard work at home before moving on the the property for work on the vines Monday.  Harvest is getting close.  My boy found two almost ripe muscadines Friday while we were looking for elderberries.  He ate them before I could take a picture.  He said they tasted good.  I am excited about this season and I know we are going to have LOTS of grapes!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!

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