Tour Nashville: Wall Murals in the Gulch – Take One

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Nashville is full of things to do.  For us it’s usually good food, shopping, and music events; but this summer I’ve decided to take a look at Nashville’s more artistic side, specifically wall murals.

I love to see a nice posed picture in front of a wonderfully decorated wall.  When I see those pics I start thinking how nice it would be to have cool walls to pose in front of instead of plain red bricks and fence slats or endless amounts of kudzu.  I figured Nashville has to have a mural or two, so I looked it up.  They have way more than a mural or two!  In fact, every time I look for some to put on the driving tour of our next middle Tennessee outing, I find even more.

I’ve got a plan.  I am going to take pictures of as many wall murals as I can find in Nashville.  This photo project is gonna be awhile in the making as there are so many to see, and when we do make the trip to Nashville we usually have other things planned.  My boy and I had fun with our first tour of street art last week, and today I have a few pics we took from The Gulch area.

Low and behold these two murals were located in a very popular area for us.  Just behind The Whiskey Kitchen that we went to last summer, and not far at all from the McDonald’s we often stop at when we go see Titan’s games.  They were just right there!  How did I not see them sooner?  I thought.  There was a reason, these actually only just got painted this April.  Okay good, I wasn’t oblivious to all this artistic color on our trips before.  I feel better now.

Any neat street art where you’re from?  Let me know in the comments.


8 Replies to “Tour Nashville: Wall Murals in the Gulch – Take One”

  1. I love it. I’m trying to get pics at all the murals too. 🙂 It’s gonna be a looooonng project…more seem to pop up all the time! I feel like every day I drive down the street, I see a new one/one I never gave a second thought to until I decided to take on this lil mission.


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