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QuiltCon 2019

I came, I saw, I bought the bag! My plans that Thursday the 21st of February were to walk on over to the Frist Museum and take a gander at the new French Impressionist exhibit that was currently on display.  The weekend before that, I came across the […]

A Cactus Dress? Why Not

I don’t usually follow the theme of, Everyone else is doing it so why don’t I, unless it has to do with a cactus dress, it seems.  I grew up around sage brush and cactus, but never really liked them until I moved away.  I miss the desert sometimes, and […]

Just Jeans

I have voiced my opinion before on a boring ol’ pair of jeans, but thought I’d speak out about them once again.  I have a love hate relationship with jeans, really.  I love the idea of them, but when it comes down to finding a pair I like, […]

My 2018 Make Nine

#2018MakeNine, it’s a thing on social media, specifically Instagram.  I saw lots of posts about it last year, but just didn’t get on the bandwagon then.  This year, I think I will. It’s hosted by Rochelle, who blogs over on LuckyLucille.com, and you can find her on Instagram […]

This Season’s Goals

I’ve been home almost all week and it is such a weird feeling.  I’ve gotten online and caught up on some regular blogs that I read, I’ve had coffee in bed, and I’ve even sat at the school table and graded papers during the daytime.  My house is […]

The 30th Friday of 2017

I am going to once again pretend that it is Friday and I am writing this post on time.  Really, this time yesterday I was getting ready for bed and sleeping was more of a priority than blogging.  I am well rested today, so here is my Friday […]