I screenshot more than I selfie.  Anyone else have this problem?  Wait, probably not a real problem.  But really, some people take way too many selfies; me, I take way too many screenshots.  I can’t help it.  Also, that selfie camera is awful!  I never look good when I hit that little camera rotation symbol.  So screenshots it is for me.

I am always coming across things that I know I will want to see again, and I just can’t be bothered to go back through other people’s feeds to find them two days later.  I even screenshot Pinterest Pins, and it’s not like I couldn’t very easily go to my Pinterest app and find them in a few seconds flat.  Wait, isn’t that what Pinterest is – a site that make it easy to find those things you found interesting when you first came across them?

Anyway, never mind Pinterest, back to me talking about my screenshots.  Since I have an abundance of screenshots that serve as mostly style-inspiration, and since it’s the end of the year so I am about to dump all of my photos off of my phone, I thought I would show you guys a few of my favorite screenshots, or rather inspiration shots, that I have collected from 2016.  Most of these I hope to one day copy-cat and make something similar of my own.  Others are just so pretty I couldn’t pass them up.

Let me start with this necklace.  And, I couldn’t decide if I liked the dress more or the necklace.  I still don’t think I have decided.


I would never be able to have the patience, or the know how, to embellish my dresses with such elaborate beading, so this screenshot would fall under the category of ‘maybe someday’, and I would love to have a reason to buy a dress such as this.  It is just beautiful!  And Miss Hero Holliday has a wonderful post all about the dress, with many more stunning photos, over on her blog should you feel inspired yourself.


Next from my screenshot folder is this great looking shirt dress from Unique Vintage.  I love the fabric and the dress style.  I just so happen to have found some similar fabric from cloud 9, and I just so happen to have a brand new, uncut shirt dress pattern that I can’t wait to cut into.  I think this is the inspiration I have been waiting for.


How about shoes?  I see so many all the time that I think I cannot live without.  Spoiler alert, I can live without all of them as I have not purchased a single pair that I have filed away with my screenshots.  These are such a pair.  I really feel like I should get online and find my own ASAP, but really, I know I won’t find my size so no bother in looking.  These stood out just enough though that I might hunt down a pair one of these days.  Shoes, obviously, I can’t make myself, but they do go so nicely with all those dresses I do make. (Shoes from Trashy Diva.)


How about another dress?  I came across this one that the Southern California Belle posted on her Instagram last week.  I love it, and it makes me kind of sad that I made my reddish polka dot dress into the disaster that I did way back.  (Well, I was just getting into dressmaking so I guess I will cut myself some slack.)  Had I only hung on to that fabric though, this would have been the perfect one to try and copy cat.  Guess I am just going to have to find myself some more polka dot fabric like this.


Now for a skirt.  This one is great.  I can very easily make myself a box pleat style skirt, but what I make just won’t be the same without material like this.  I hope this is something I will come across one day.  Black, white, and red?  So my colors right now.


And lastly from my screenshot folder: this skirt, or rather fabric, from Cloud 9 Fabrics.  The way it is used as this skirt is perfect.  And with so many colors, it works well with any solid color top.  Absolutely make-able for me.

It is exciting to have more ideas added to my ever-expanding, me-made wardrobe.  Really, when you make your own clothes, the possibilities are endless!  I have high hopes for 2017 to be another great, productive sewing year.

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