Maybe I Should Just Stick to Skirts

IMG_7773editSeptember’s Dress

No, my title is not implying that Skirtember is continuing on into October.  In fact, I happily wore jeans on Tuesday and a few of my dresses are feeling a lot less neglected this week.  I am talking about my September sewing project.  I didn’t make the dress I wanted to, again, but for a good reason.  I am gonna need to do an invisible zipper for it and I was missing the attachment for my machine, so I got one ordered and made something else in the mean time.

My dress of the month was from the New Look 6347 pattern.  A two piece pattern, and a one hour project, so said the instructions.  Well, it took me way longer than that, and I managed to mess up the binding on one of the armholes.  It probably would have helped if I had the right sized binding, and had I not been talking on the phone while I was pinning it.  Multitasking isn’t always possible!  The worst part of it, is that the messed up side came out better than the not-messed up side.  Kind of frustrating.

Over all, I was disappointed with how the dress ended up.  It was huge so I had to take so much of it in and that is what slowed the whole process down.  And after all of the adjusting, I wasn’t too sure it looked how it was supposed to.  I am not good at adjusting the patterns before I cut the material.  Come to think of it, maybe I am not good at it because I have never tried to do this.  I usually just take it in when I sew, but that doesn’t always work.  I got a very helpful comment from a fellow blogger to use a similar style dress for measurements, and I think that is a great idea.  I should have taken her advice with this dress.

I was discouraged enough to just cut the dress and make it into a skirt, but thought to wear it once first, and then see what I think.  I already felt a little bit better about the dress after a day had passed, and the good thing about this project was that the material was only $2.00 a yard.  I bought two yards and still have enough left to make something else.  So dress or not, I will end up with something that is pink, polka-dotted.  Another good thing, it matches these shoes pretty well.  Maybe it isn’t so bad after all…

September's Dress


I think I might like it even better with a cardigan over it.  So maybe a few more wears are in order before I get out the scissors.

Now on to October’s dress.  I got my zipper foot on Monday, perfect timing.  Although, I am somewhat intimidated with putting in an invisible zipper.  My aunt sent me a book a few months back and it just so happens to have instructions for this thing.  I may be worried about nothing.

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