Catching Up

There is so much going on with me lately, I feel it is time for my own fall break!  It started after last Monday.  The family and I spent the day in Nashville and I have been, what seems like, two days behind ever since.  We missed the day of school so had that to catch up with, then I was somehow more behind than I thought with housework – that always seems to be the case.  I could have made some more progress this weekend if it hadn’t been for an all day sewing session, but when it comes to cleaning and chores, they never go anywhere so they are still around the next day.


In the sewing department, I have a finished dress for my October project, and I did it the first weekend of the month.  I have impressed myself with that feat, the last two months the dresses haven’t even been started until the very last bit of the month.  And, the dress came out very well!  It was my practice, muslin (only made without muslin) dress and I will quit calling it the practice dress now because for the time being, it shall be called my October dress.  I still hope to get another one made with the originally intended material though.  No doubt there will be a dress post to come.  Oh, and my quilt top is finished, but I am going to add a few more pieces around it as a border.  I would like it to be a little bigger than it is now.  A shopping trip for material is in order.


In the school department, and this is where all my time seems to be spent lately, we are in the last two weeks of our first quarter so there is plenty to do.  The easy review stuff has passed and we are now moving into the challenging, new material.  The boy and I both have been busy!

And in the gardening department, maybe you can call it that.  I have seriously neglected one part of my yard and now I am sure there is a snake waiting for me, hiding in the overgrowth, when I do get out to start pulling weeds.  The dog found it under the deck and it disappeared into the weed jungle just when I had my mind set to get out the gardening gloves.  It is the same place the last snake I found was living, maybe he grew up and never really left home?  At least I am on guard this time, but I will still be surprised if I come across any slithering creatures.

20131009-082217.jpgdo snakes like mums?

As far as the weather goes, after this last weekend, the evenings truly feel like fall.  We are waking up to 45-50 degree weather and the sweaters are finally coming out to stay.  It is still getting warm during the day, 80 is the expected high today, but at least it feels like summer is gone when the sun goes down, and the nights have been wonderful!


That’s my life lately.  No shoe saves to report on, but maybe this weekend, and I have a few new yard-sale finds to report on next week for the Thursday Thrift.  I expect my blog will be a bit more active by the time next week comes around.  Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you all are enjoying your busy lives also.

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4 Replies to “Catching Up”

    1. Thanks! Yes, a little springtime-y. I didn’t really take the season into consideration when making the dress, oops. But I might be able to make it work for fall. 🙂


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