Two days in a row of very cold weather!  That is all it takes, two days of highs barely reaching freezing and I am over it.  Good thing it is supposed to be 64 tomorrow!  But, then it is back to 20’s on Sunday.  Sometimes the weather here is just too up and down for my liking.

I am keeping warm by staying inside and I have yet to get into regular clothes today.  Fleece pants and slippers are just too comfy to change out of sometimes.  I am home on a Friday, for once, and it is nice.  Plenty of catching up to do around the house.  I even feel like baking.  If I have time I might make a little something extra like banana bread.

So how has everyone been?  Pretty good over here.  Getting a lot done as usual.  Let’s see in the last couple of weeks I have…


Made a dress.  This one actually wasn’t for me, but it’s just like every other one that I tend to make these days.  I really like the way it came out!  And I really had fun making something for someone other than myself.


I cleaned my sewing corner.  It has been awhile since I didn’t have threads and material scraps all over the place.  I even dusted out my machines and oiled them.  It seems I was way behind with the oiling schedule.


I have been racking wine almost weekly.  This one that I was working on is from a kit.  The kit was a little fancier than the ones I usually do, and it is coming along nicely.  I tasted it this day and it wasn’t too bad.  A lot tastier than the other kits I have tried at this point.  I’ve got more wine to make in the next coming weeks – I am finally going to try making some elderberry mead – and the wine room is getting its use.


Similar to making wine, I made a bunch of juice last week.  Our freezer was so full from the harvest that we thought to crush and press a lot of the grapes into juice to save for future wine making.  It frees up space and it makes great popsicles for the boy.  Another thing I am trying with the fruit is to dehydrate the grape skins and seeds to grind up as powder.  I pay good money on grape seed extract, why not try and make some myself.


I saw the sunshine one day last week.  It was really nice.  Lately what sun we do get, doesn’t last very long.  Wish the picture was better.  I walked outside to take Yuki for a walk and was caught off guard by rays of sunshine.  I didn’t have time to run back inside and get my nice camera, so iPhone photo it was.


Lastly from me for now, Yuki had a hair cut.  Also just an iPhone photo, but doesn’t she look so cute!  And she was still a healthy size underneath all that fur.

That is it for me.  My main goal today is to put the clean clothes away and clean the bathrooms.  I will be very happy with myself if those two things get done.  I better get off of here if I want to have a chance.

Have a great weekend, readers!  You will be hearing from me again soon.

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