When I think back on 2016, the title of this post pretty much sums it up.  So much went on for me this year and I really can’t remember when I’ve been more busy.  This was the year that found me feeling like I was running in a hamster wheel.  Always with something to do, somewhere to go, and not near enough time to do it all.

I’ve neglected several things this year, and now that 2016 is almost over, I am reminded that my yard hardly got tended to.  I managed to keep up with the push mowing when things got really bad, but my regular weeding and that dream yard that I keep hoping for has escaped me, once again.  In fact, I still have to do that end of the season weeding around my blueberry bushes, rose bushes, and such.  It will still be there when I get to it, right?  It’s looking like it will be next year now.


On a positive note, the vineyard did very well this year.  2016 was the year it took off.  We got close to 220 gallons picked and my August and September was mostly spent picking: three days a week, rain or shine.  And let me tell you, those rainy days were really nice!  If things follow this pattern, we will definitely be in the grape growing business, one way or another, next year.  I am excited about this, and even a little anxious how it will all work out.  It’s a fun experience that is for sure.

2016 is the year my boy got his first job.  This has been another part of that whole running around part of my life.  Even though he works just 10 minutes from home, that drive back and forth, the extra trips to just hang out before and after working hours, and always having to be back home to get him to work from where ever we are by a certain time has really kept me going.  My guy and I couldn’t be happier about this job though, and you definitely won’t hear me complain at all.   It is a great job for him: he gets to coach and tumble for hours on end – possibly the best job ever for a progressing 15 year old gymnastics student.  And, he’s got all the cool videos to go with it.  We are very proud of him!


School has been flying by for the boy and I this year, and this part of my life has actually been the easiest it has been in awhile.  All of the classes I teach, I have taught before; the grading is the easiest it’s ever been, and I have been the most organized with my school planning.  I can even say, it’s been a breeze this year!  My boy too has been having a pretty good year.  Tenth grade isn’t bad at all!

My house work and this blog, on the other hand, I just can’t keep up with.  It frustrates me some days, but these two things are currently fighting the most for my attention.  Do I sit down and blog, or do I end my day with a clean kitchen and a load of laundry put away?  If I wait until tomorrow to do the housework, I will be behind even more because of what didn’t get done the night before.  So that has been my blogging dilemma.  I also think that you all might be getting tired of me writing about, seemingly, the same things every week with those Friday posts that are almost starting to read like a broken record.  And how many Marilyn dresses do you really need to post about already!  If we’ve seen five, we’ve seen them all, Erika… Well, I feel like that is what you guys might be thinking anyway.  I’m sure I am overthinking it, and any day now, I should be at a place where I can start being more creative with my posting.  Any day now…


And that is what is on my mind this evening.  I am tired, I’ve had a long day, and my eye hurts.  I am thinking it’s from being so tired, and possibly even a bit of eye strain.  It’s been keeping my mind occupied most of today though because anytime I have anything eye related, I think too much about it.  I rested my eyes some earlier and it seemed to help; so now, I am looking forward to getting to bed.  Tomorrow is another day, and if the weather cooperates, I do have another dress to write about and it is not another Marilyn!  Something I am looking forward to.

Have a nice night, everyone!

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