Tell me there is nothing wrong with naming my dresses.  This one looked like a Matilda to me.  (I just so happen to really like the name Matilda.  My boy thinks I am crazy.)

Marilyn Dress

Craziness aside, I am on a dressmaking binge.  I have made a new dress every week this month.  I have four new dresses, and there is still half a week left in the month.  I may or may not have something else waiting to start on my sewing table… Okay, I do have another dress almost ready to go.  It’s not for me though, and I don’t think I will get it finished before the month is over since I still have to trace out the pattern.  I’m thinking next weekend for that one.

Sew Serendipity

Any who… I’m talking about this one today.  Her name is Matilda.  I got the material in Branson at the best fabric store I have ever been into.  Rooms and rooms of quilting cotton in every design possible.  How I only came home with three cuts of fabric is beyond me.  As for the dress pattern, I have lost count as to how many dresses I have made of this particular style.  (Sew Serendipity’s Marilyn dress.)  I could look back, but I won’t bother, it’s probably an embarrassing amount anyway.  Tell me there is nothing wrong with having more than five of the same dress.  Please, someone tell me.


I tried to make the neck on this one a little higher, but right away noticed the bodice wasn’t going to fit right so I snipped the excess away and made it as I always do.  With this dress and the one I made after it, I learned that I am not apt to modifying patterns.  I can do a pattern hack, but I can’t manipulate what is already there.  I learned the hard way on the second dress I made this month.  I messed the fit up when all I should have done was just take my seam allowances in.  But that is another dress to talk about another day.


My favorite detail about this one, besides the fabric (I do really love the print of this material): the metal exposed zipper.  I will never get tired of this little embellishment.  And since I happened upon Hancock Fabrics’s going out of business sale in Jackson earlier in the year, I have a pretty good sized assortment of metal zippers to use on future makes.  Please, tell me exposed zippers are never going to go out of style.  Never out of my style anyway.


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7 Replies to “A Dress Named Matilda”

  1. Hi, I am Ada. I have stopped by before. I love the name of your blog. What a pretty dress! I love that you made a warm weather dress work for December. To support the Dressember Foundation, I will be wearing dresses all the month of December! =)

    I welcome you to stop by and join my latest linkup with this beautiful outfit. Thanks lady and enjoy the first weekend of December!

    Ada. =)


  2. Ok, I’ll tell you. Nothing wrong with having several dresses made from the same pattern! (Who planted that idea in your head? A pattern maker? 😆) Take a look at Angela Merkel. I think there are two different cuts to her blazers, but she has them in myriads of colours. And they all fit well. So, back to you: you don’t have five dresses that are the same – unless you used the same fabric. You have five (or more) well fitting dresses that both flatter and feel good. Why not make more?

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      1. And it’s true, as well! Seriously, I don’t understand this thing with trying new patterns all the time. If you have found one that fits and flatters and which you now know well, use it. Change fabric type and patterning, and do those standard adjustments – hemline up/down, with/without sleeves, add piping and so on. Why invent a new wheel when you have one that rolls well? Plus, how fabuously time-saving, sewing a pattern you know well.

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