A good Me-Made almost Monday to ya!  It’s been wet and rainy over where I am and I am glad I got pictures of this dress when I did.  Two reasons:  one, the current rain and humidity; two, my back yard now looks nothing like it did when I took these pics a mere two weeks ago.  I am kind of sad about that, but there is nothing I can do.  The people who own the land behind us have loggers clearing all the trees and it’s a mess back there.  I very much miss my former backyard views, kudzu and all.  It’ll probably be back to posing in front of the red fence from here on out.

But enough of that, I know of few of my readers are here specifically to hear about what I’ve made.  This month, it’s a McCall’s 6958.  Another one I scored from the wonderful pattern sales at Joann’s.  I can’t help it, I’ve said it before, fabric and patterns are my vice.  I have a long running pattern wish list over on Pinterest which comes in very handy when I find myself at Joann’s and there is a pattern sale.  I quickly scroll through my list and grab a few that I’ve been wanting.  And this one, I’ve had on that list for quite awhile now.  In fact, I didn’t even know I wanted it.

Why it took so long to get it, I don’t know.  It matches all my criteria.  Fit and flare, check; unlined, check; sleeveless, check; neat design feature, check; and perfect neckline, check.  Plus the dress is great for printed fabric since it pretty much has four long pieces to cut out without a chop at the waist.

It’s an easy dress to make and I sewed it up in one day.  The tucks in the front and the back are the design feature I mentioned, and after doing tucks a few times, they aren’t as bad as I initially thought they were.  (I may make that Burda 6592 again after all.)

The finished measurements put me at a 10, and I wavered a bit on whether or not to fold the pattern at the ‘shorten for petite’ line.  When I first make a dress, I usually like to just cut and make it as intended then see where I should adjust next time.  As I am always having to adjust where dresses hit my waist, I went ahead and shortened it right away.  That was a good call!  It was perfect. (By now, I don’t even know why I contemplate this.  I almost always shorten at the waist.)

So the dress was pretty much finished, I could zip it up and see how it really fit, then I realized I should have taken some out of the back.  It’s been awhile since I’ve made a dress that fit too loosely, and I thought I’d be fine to let it be, but it just gaped too much at the top center of the back neckline where the zipper was, I had to do something about it.  I undid the zipper and folded some out from the top of the back tuck to the top and re-zipped.  Now, my back neckline was off.  I knew such a thing would probably happen as it usually does when I start messing with the fit after the fact.  I’ve read there is such a thing as over fitting a garment.  Well, at this point, I just wanted to be done, so I adjusted the back facing on the unmatched side and called it a day.

I should have no complaints and I find it funny whatever complaints I do have about my dresses when I first make them up and write about them here, I forget all about them, the trouble I had, and what was even wrong with it later on after wearing it.  I have surprised myself more than once about what I thought was wrong with some of my dresses when I get back over here and reread my posts months later.  My first Emery dress is one such example.  (I love wearing that dress and never remembered all that I said about it.)

That’s everything about my newest, me-made dress, and the last pictures you’ll be seeing of a lush, tree filled, back yard jungle of a back drop.  (I am still very sad about this.)

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