My guy and I have been soaking up summertime as much as we can.  Actually, all three of us have been, but more often than not these days, we are usually a party of two.  So while the boy is out and about, tumbling or working out I’m sure, we have been finding things for the two of us to do.  These things mostly involve wine.  🙂

I’ve cut back a bit on my wine drinking these days, but that’s not stopped us from enjoying a nice Sunday drive to one of the surrounding wineries to enjoy a glass or two.  This last weekend the winery of choice was Grinder’s Switch – the one we’ve been to the most.  Little did my guy know when we left, I had something else in mind as well, bridge hunting.

The last time I went to Grinder’s Switch was last summer with my dad when we were looking for a queen bee.  We had lunch in Centerville then after that on our way to the winery and bee farm, I saw a very neat bridge in the distance.  It was gloomy that particular day and I didn’t have my good camera so I made a mental note that there was a bridge somewhere around the area that I should find another time.  That time was last weekend.

So we had our bottle of wine and enjoyed a good hour or so sitting under the gazebo talking about the goings on of the week before.  It was great!  Then I asked if we could go find this bridge I had seen a year ago in the distance.  I found railroad tracks on the map and became the navigator to where I thought might be the best place to see it.  We ended up here.

Didn’t look like a bridge was anywhere close by so we turned around and looked for the river.

We found a road just before the river, made a left to see what we could see, and at the end of the road, part of the bridge I was looking for.  We stopped, I took lots of pictures, then we tried to find a place where we could see on top instead of underneath.  A couple of dead ends later, a stop at the city park with views only of trees, we had no luck.  I wasn’t gonna get to walk train tracks until I found the bridge, at least that’s what Stephen told me – ha, ha – so the next best thing was to pull over on the side of the road and admire it from afar.

I really like bridges and I was reminded of that time we saw the Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland and then tried to find a place underneath to get a cool picture.  ❤

I am very much looking forward to the next bridge hunting opportunity, here or abroad (hint, hint)!

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