A very good Monday morning to you all!  It’s sunny and hot over here in West Tennessee, and I can only guess that it’s somewhat similar wherever you may be.  Last month was a pretty busy month for me and in my free time, you could find me somewhere not over here, as you already knew.  Recent free time activities mostly include taking naps and meal planning.  Ah, the fun things in life!  It’s summer and I don’t usually sleep in during the week so afternoon naps, guilt free, are my thing when I can spare an extra 30 minutes.

Since it’s almost been a month since I wrote about my day to day, I won’t overwhelm you all with too much of my life lately, and instead do a little recap of what I’ve been up to, with pictures, of course, that is if my phone photos will update to my PC.  I am waiting on those as I write…

My mornings the last several weeks have looked a lot like this:

Plenty of sweat and blackberry stained hands.  And I’m just repeating the sweat sessions several hours later at the gym.  I happen to have a selfie of that, but I don’t think anyone really wants to see.

As far as gym life goes, I’ve gotten myself a fitness coach.  I’ve got a customized nutritional outline plan, a personal workout plan, and biweekly online check-ins.  I’m just over ten days in and down 1/2 inch here and there.  So far so good!  I’ll be doing this for 12 weeks and completely expect great results.

Last weekend we made our second trip to the Buffalo River.  Floating the Buffalo just may become an annual thing for me and my group of friends.  It was a great day!  We found a waterfall and rocks to jump off of.  My boy was very happy about that!  Me and my non-rock jumping self, enjoyed cooling off in the water while that was going on.

I saw a real live Copper Head snake last month also.  That was exciting!  He was just down the road from my house where we daily walk our dog.  I was in my car at the time so it was pretty easy to handle the situation.  They sure are pretty!

What else?  Plenty of back road drives, visits with friends, and trips to the car dealers – for my car and my guys.  Also some more spring cleaning in summer and yard work that never ends.  My outdoor time is usually right about now, so instead of pulling weeds today I am over here.  I am not upset about this at all.  The weeds are always there and always over grown it seems.

Oh, and one more thing, I made another dress.  I’ve got pictures of it already so be expecting that any day now.

And that’s the summed up version of what I’ve been up to lately.  My guy and I had a great day out yesterday and I have some cool pictures and a post about that, so expect that sometime this week as well.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  It always goes by way too fast.

Lastly, here’s what June looked like every single day.  Thanks for reading.  🙂


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