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Highlights From June

A very good Monday morning to you all!  It’s sunny and hot over here in West Tennessee, and I can only guess that it’s somewhat similar wherever you may be.  Last month was a pretty busy month for me and in my free time, you could find me […]

One Month With Bees

We are really liking those bees!  I only wish that we would have done this sooner, but now is better than never. So far things are going great.  We’ve been thoroughly checking on the hives weekly and checking on sugar water levels mid-week.  It has been a month […]

A Week in the Park

The boy and I have spent all week at the State Park.  Not the whole week night and day, more like fifteen hours, give or take, all together.  It has been a lot of fun and there was plenty to do.  Hiking, fishing, canoeing, and even some history, […]

Through the Window

Working form home, yes that is what I do, makes it very easy for me to be nosy aware of what is going on in the neighborhood. I may not be as observant as my retired neighbor across the street, but I am up there in the nosy […]

The Last of the Trip

It was a great trip, and as always, we were sad that it was over.  We are now back to normal life, not on vacation time anymore, and so here is the last post for our February NM trip. The day after skiing, we headed back down to […]