The Last of the Trip

It was a great trip, and as always, we were sad that it was over.  We are now back to normal life, not on vacation time anymore, and so here is the last post for our February NM trip.

The day after skiing, we headed back down to Placitas – Albuquerque area.  We went on a bit of a sightseeing tour.  First thing down the mountain, we see a herd of big horn sheep feeding along side of the road.  This was way cool, another up close moment with the NM wildlife!  There were several of them and they didn’t seem to mind the vehicles stopping to take a look.

Next stopping spot was a fish hatchery where lots and lots of trout were being raised.  We fed the fish and walked around. I tried to take some pics, but the water was too dark for anything to show up.  Seeing all of the fish made us anxious for the great spring weather we thought we were headed back to for fishing.

We had lunch in Taos after getting to see the amazing view from the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.  I already did a post on this on my other blog, but I have to post just one more picture.

After the bridge and before we headed back, we stopped and paid too much for a too short tour of an Earthship house.  Back in Las Vegas, we watched a video that a friend had about these so we thought we would check out the World Headquarters for Earthships.  They are ‘green’ homes that are made from recycled materials, and self sustainable.  Very interesting, but I wouldn’t really want to live inside of partly visible tires.  The bottles and cans did make for neat decor though.  And I did really like the indoor greenhouse / edible garden room.  It gave me some good planting / decorating ideas.

Well, those were the highlights of our trip to NM.  The skiing / snowboarding were by far the best and I cannot wait to do it again.  Maybe next year we will head to Colorado or perhaps try somewhere completely different and go to the Eastern part of the US.  Or, maybe, skiing in Europe…?  Probably not, but I can hope!  It was a great trip and it was great to have seen friends and family, but I was happy to come back to TN.  I guess I am missing NM less and less as the years go by!

One more bridge pic, and also the view from the plane headed back home.  We are flying over the Rocky Mountains in this one.

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