Photo Friday: The New Puppy

We did it! We have entered the world of ‘dog lovers!’  Well, maybe we are not completely entered in yet, but some of us, one of us, is getting there!  (You are right if you thought the one lagging into this dog lover world is me.) I am, however, happy with the newest ‘member’ of the family!  She is cute, loveable, and smart.  I am very happy that she is smart!  In four days she already knows to stay out of the kitchen, and she has had only one accident in the house.  She even whimpered at the door the first night to go out, and so far, has let us sleep through the night.

So, what is not to love?!  I remember when my guy got me a cat.  He must NOT have known that I did NOT like cats because he got me one.  Well, anyone who knew me then, knew how much I LOVED my cat!  And it didn’t take long for that to happen.  I am already a step ahead, because I do happen to like dogs.  I think, really, what I don’t like about dogs has nothing to do with the dog itself.  It is the creepy crawlies that can come with it.  So this dog – whose name, by the way, is Yuki – is being trained as and inside dog.  She of course has to go out for potty breaks, but ultimately she will enjoy the great flea free indoors- I can only hope that my house stays flea free and / or she stays indoors… I guess this is where my OCD comes into play that I never knew I had, so bad!

And here is little Yuki:


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