Photo Friday: Afraid of Heights?

This week’s Photo Friday is a picture of The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.  It is about ten minutes out of Taos, NM.  I have been over this bridge before, probably more than a few times,  I even have a pic of my high school self on this bridge, but this is the first time I have been over this bridge with my own camera in hand and time to take several pics.  I happen to love bridges!  The architecture of them just amazes me.  I am mostly in awe of The Lord’s amazing creations, but bridges are one of the man-made things that get my attention.  It is 650 ft above the Rio Grande River and the fifth highest bridge in the US.  (I am even giving a bit of extra info with this photo post.  Thanks, Wikipedia.)  I took several pictures, and I didn’t know which one to pick so I am gonna post three – it’s a triple photo post for this Friday!

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