Red River Day 3

It was the last day skiing.  This is the most we have consecutively skied, three whole days, as a family.  Doesn’t seem like a lot, but in my case, three days of horribly uncomfortable ski boots and a ginormous bruise on my left shin from said boots, my leg couldn’t take much more!  It was another beautiful day though and an abundance of fun was had by all three of us.  No snow today and even though it was cold, not one of us felt it or even complained about the temperature.  It actually is quite warm once you get going, and then keep on going!

Today was the day the boy started to pass us down the slopes.  He just took off about half way through the day.  I could have kept up with him if it weren’t for that ginormous bruise that made almost every turn hurt.  And guess what, by the end of the day he was doing tricks!  Both the boy and my guy.  But they started slow, the ‘bunny’ trick slope!  I was the designated picture taker so no tricks for me.  And since I got only video of the tricks, I don’t have any cool jump pictures to post.

There was a great photo opportunity today, however.  We made our way to all of the lifts and at the Copper Lift, there is a resident family of mule deer.  A man was kind enough to give the boy some crackers to feed them with as we came into the lift line.  It was a very cool moment of the day.  I have never been this close to live deer.  They were eating out the boys hand!  It is not every day you get to ski / snowboard with deer!


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