Red River Day 2

Day two was the day when we had a few problems.  Nothing having to do with the skiing, but some trouble with the room.  When we got here, we were very happy with this place, the Auslander.  It is clean and quaint and right next to the ski area parking lot. I think we are still happy with the place but there were a few issues.  First, no hot water.  Greatfully, that got fixed right away.  Then, a gas leak in the room.  We thought this got fixed, but then, we came back to a propane smelling room after a day out.  Not a good thing, so we got moved.  Then at bedtime, we come to find that the boy has no blankets for his bed.  After hours, that got fixed.  So no troubles today, day three, and we are still happy with the place.  Nothing to complain about tonight!

The slopes have been so fun!  Not a lot of people here at all and we found out that this is the slowest time of the year.  I guess that is why we got such a great deal in October for a trip in February.  Red River must have known they would need the business!  This was the day that the boy thought he was ready to try something harder.  He and I did The Face, his first black diamond run!  I think some boys have no fear! My guy took the long way down and waited for us at the bottom.

The view from the top of The Face.  It got steep about half way down!  He did great!  Next he will be wanting to do tricks…

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