Red River Day 1

It is 745pm and we all feel like it is way past bedtime. It was a great, long day of skiing! It is so nice to be literally out the door to the slopes- I even skied half way across the parking lot to the room. So really, we are just a hop, skip, and a jump- if we so choose to be- from where we are staying! It only took the boy a short amount of time to get the hang of his board and the slopes today. This was his third time snowboarding, and he is already tackling- even preferring- the blue runs. My guy and I did well also. And, I am happy to say, I alone made it through the day without a wipeout. (My guy may disagree that his few stumblings would be considered wipeouts.) However, I should have never even mentioned that, because now I am sure to have the hardest hit tomorrow…


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