How Will My Garden Grow?

I have been trying to think what kind of Friday photo to post this week, but the majority of my recent pics involve my boy and the puppy.  I don’t want this blog to be completely overrun by a four footed animal, so my post for the week is something more for inspirational purposes.

Several of my friends have already begun seedlings for their gardens this year, and I, once again, have begun yearning for that beautiful yard I so often see in garden magazines.  I have told myself that this year will surely be spent working some more in the yard, and while my thumbs aren’t quite green enough for a lush vegetable garden like some I know, I may be able to get something growing out of the ground with a stem, some leaves, and perhaps, petals!

I have so far in my gardening life planted six blueberry bushes and two apple trees.  (The trees are still a work in progress as I am finding it hard to get a go with organic apples in Bugland, TN!)    I managed to get an azalea bush to bloom and survive last year and I also planted day lilies.  Also, I have two crepe myrtles that have made it to year number two!  Perhaps my thumbs are slightly green, I guess.

My goal for this spring / summer, which is quickly approaching, will be to have some more flowers, another tree- not of the fruit sort, and a small herb garden or strawberry patch.  I will be happy to fulfill two of my planting goals by the time next fall rolls around!  (I tend to spend too much time wondering, more like worrying, that I am going to plant things in the wrong spot.)

So, for now, I will start to get a plan going and gain some inspiration from some more of those garden magazines!  Maybe also, spend some time looking into ‘How to get green thumbs’.

This is a picture of my azalea from last spring.  I hope to have more beautiful blooms again this year.

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