Yes, it is March…

I spent a little time wondering today what to write about for my weekly post.  I did not really want to give up on this blog thing just yet, so I had a few ideas, and when I got my first free moment, I was happy to know I had somewhere to start.  That was this morning, and as the day went on, something exciting happened.  (Exciting to me because I now had better pictures to go with my Friday post!)

I should have known we would be in for some bad weather since the news had been predicting it all week, and since this morning at 9am we were well into our way of 70 degrees plus, with high humidity and lots of wind.  I guess I just disregarded what I know of the weather around here since the sun was shining, and it seemed it was going to be a really nice day.  The day has ended well, however, and our weather didn’t end up as bad as some others did.

I do always love what blows in after we have severe weather!  Here is proof with this beautiful sunset.

March is supposed to be the beginning of tornado season.  Well, at least, I always thought it was, and when I googled it just now to make sure I had my facts right, there were several links that said there really isn’t a ‘beginning’ to tornado season, but that it is most common between March and June.  I am still sticking to my original thought that tornado season starts in March.  Back to my day: I got a text notification this afternoon around 3 of a tornado warning in my county and when I looked outside, I saw this:

This area, according to the news, had rotation in the clouds and some people even thought they saw a funnel.  I am glad that the area being described is about 10-15 miles north of me!  Now knowing that there was a possible tornado, I checked out the backyard to see what it looked like toward town and I saw the next picture, plus I could hear the tornado sirens in the distance.

The warning was for a possible tornado that was just west of us.  I put away everything outside that might blow away, and even put cinder blocks on the trampoline legs hoping it would not fly towards our house, like it did once before, should there really be a tornado headed our way. (Probably if there really was a tornado the cinder blocks wouldn’t matter, duh!)  There were a few times last year that we decided not to go to the neighbors storm shelter, and we – I – was really wishing we had gone. So since my guy was in the next town, the boy, the ferret, the dog, and I made it across the street before the hard rain stared to fall.  (We have also done this before in the hard rain and it was not fun!)

And that was my exciting day with some pictures for my weekly post.  Obviously, we made it though the storm with no damage.  And really, the storm wasn’t that bad because 10 minutes after being in the shelter, it stopped and the sun was out.

Maybe for another post, one day from a far far away distance, I will get a picture of an actual funnel cloud.  Wait, what am I thinking… that is probably the last thing I will be doing, taking pictures, if I see an actual funnel cloud.

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