Spring Break- Week 1:

Every school year we fit in a two week spring break. I always go into every school year thinking a one week break would be sufficient and with only one week of a break, we could be done with our school year one WHOLE week earlier! Well, this thought always stays with me up until the two week winter break is over and then I am anxiously awaiting the next upcoming TWO week break that is sure to be just long enough to get everything together to finish the last nine weeks of school! My thoughts on it this year were just the same, and I am happy to have just enjoyed week one of a TWO week spring break!

Week one was more like a very laid back, modified school week than a true break. You see, when we went on our family skiing trip last month, we kind of counted it towards our spring break so we wouldn’t have to make up any work. This week was spent getting the boy caught up with the week he missed, and not to mention, getting myself caught up on the week of grading I missed. Yay! (Noted sarcasm, as I seem to procrastinate most putting that final grade into that grade book!)

The whole week hasn’t been just about work though. For the most part, the weather has been great. We have spent a lot of extra time outdoors, and the boy has had time to brush up on some of his basketball skills! We had one of the boy’s cousins over for the day and we went down the road to the local skate park. Not too many daring tricks attempted this time, but I am sure that will happen more and more over time. Even Yuki dog got to go to the park with us, and she enjoyed herself about as much as we did!

So, with some work and some time, we had a great week! Next week we have only time, so my guess is the week can only be better, and already a lot is planned. I have an itch to craft! I got myself a new pattern to sew, and I hope to spend a day making some more soap. I even see a day trip in my next week’s future! Can’t wait!

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