An Attempt at Soap

The last week of our spring break has come to an end.  Unfortunately, it just went by too fast, but that really was expected, right?  Doesn’t every week go by that way?  It was for sure a memorable week, and again, another week we were blessed with!  And here is a highlight: making soap!

A few months back several friends and I made soap.  This was something that I had been wanting to do for ten years.  I even attempted this about that long ago with a friend, but we had the wrong ingredients and it didn’t work out.  So in December, several friends and I made some soap, finally!  It was much easier than my anxiety made me think it would be and with so many helping hands, we had several beautiful bars of soap well worth all of our effort.  Image

This week, one friend and I thought we would try this again.  And even though it is yet to be determined if my soap will be usable, this was a great accomplishment.  I now know that several hands work better than two.  And the fewer there are the longer it takes.  Making soap just happens to be an all day process anyway, regardless of how prepared you are and how easy one might think it will be.  And a note for future batches: make sure you have a hand mixer!  Just over an hour and a half, literally, was spent stirring – by HAND – one batch of soap.  Not to mention the time spent stirring the other TWO batches!  And perhaps, the hand mixer may have been the deciding factor as to whether or not we would have had a perfect batch.  Well, practice will make perfect I am sure, but I do think that a group effort is definitely the way to go for this activity, especially in my case.  Thank you my dear friend for doing this with me!  I am pretty confident that I won’t be doing this on my own, ever!  All that aside, it was a lot of fun and I will look forward to getting together with many more to do this again.

ImageThe picture on the right was from the first go at soap in December, and this to the left was some of this week’s final product.

4 Replies to “An Attempt at Soap”

  1. I am looking forward to a group soap making session as well! After over a month, I am not sure I will do anything with the batch I made. It is growing crystals on it, and that cannot be good…?


  2. I can’t wait to make another batch of coconut dream soap, they are great as shampoo bars. I think I got addicted to making soap!.


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