Through the Window

Through the window

Working form home, yes that is what I do, makes it very easy for me to be nosy aware of what is going on in the neighborhood. I may not be as observant as my retired neighbor across the street, but I am up there in the nosy neighbor category. (Well, maybe nosy isn’t the right word, observant does definitely sound better.) Usually there really isn’t a lot going on in my neighborhood.  It’s not everyday that people find their way down Kudzu Cove, but if they do, it is likely that I am going to know about it.

Based on a modified WordPress Daily Prompt, Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw, I came up with this photo post.

There actually is a lot going on outside of my window, and I am glad to have had the chance to observe some of the passers-by.  I may not see much in one full minute, but over the last five years, I have seen a few neat things!

Through the Window 2

This little guy is a regular, or he is one of several.  Barbeque grille grease happens to be one of his favorite things and he loves coming around the back deck for leftovers from the night before.

Through the window 3

I do wish this picture had come out better.  It was very late one night and I was amazed to find this tree frog stuck to the front door window.  He was just like the frogs from the zoo!  No, he didn’t escape.  It turns out tree frogs are common around here.

Through the window 4

Cardinals are another animal quite common to see outside of my window.  I love their bright red color and they used to like my backyard.  I think my neighbor has special bird seed, because once he showed up, they left my place.  Hmm, wait, maybe he just fills his bird feeders more often than I do…

Through the Window 7

We have a fox family that lives close by.  I really did just look out the window one day and saw this.  She came back several times throughout the morning and she had a good reason; she was moving her babies, and that is one in her mouth.  (Super digital zoom doesn’t take the best pics, so sorry about this one.)

Through the window 6

This isn’t technically through the window on the inside.  I did spot it inside the house though and couldn’t get over the size of the spider so I had to go out and get a better look.  There were tons of babies hitching a ride on its back.  I am very glad this was on the outside of the window!

Through the window 5

And every so often, I will look out and see a creature of the two-legged sort.  Two legs with wheels it would seem!

I probably should carry my camera with me while I am out in the yard because I have seen so much more out there, than from peering through the window inside, behind the glass.

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