Since I Already Started…

Okay, why not finish what I started, at least for this month.  I usually do an end-of-my-month photo review, but since I started this month taking a photo a day, I will just continue on with a couple more posts like this, and skip the end of February review.

It is a popular kind of post, and I am having a lot of  fun with it, so that is enough for me.  Here is some more about my life recently in another collection of iphone photos:


15th – Friday’s are cleaning days and sometimes cooking days for me.  This Friday, I made a bunch of sweet cornbread for a weekend potluck.  It was good and none of it made it back home.

16th – We had a long day out, and both of my guys were still sick.  We came home, the guys went to bed, and only I was awake with nothing but my iphone to keep me company.

17th – Yard work!

18th – A full house of children this week.  Yuki is enjoying the extra company, but as I write this up, she is sleeping in the very back of the laundry room, that is not normal for her at all.  Guess she has had a week of way too much fun.

19th – Not really wanting to go to Walmart after a Zumba class, I made my way quickly into Walgreens for some cough drops and came out with eggnog – in February.  My boy was my best friend for the rest of the night.


20th – School field trip and a buffet lunch.

21st – The only thing casual about Thursday was what I wore.  Lots of school work, some time for blogging, and a big made from scratch dinner.

22nd – Did nothing after dinner last night so woke up, cleaned, and cut the boy’s hair all before school even started.  This is an accomplishment.

23rd – Speaking of hair, I recently noticed my hair is finally getting long again.  Unfortunately, it is in major need of a trim.  Just a trim though!

Only one more week of my life to go, and the month of February will be gone.

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