I really wish there was more time in the day! How many times has that been said? Probably weekly, nay, daily for me. Right now I have several projects going on, and one of them has to do with this blog. Like I have mentioned before, I am working on some changes with the blog and self-hosting could be the first step in that direction. I don’t see a full transition happening for at least another few months or so, but I am spending little bits of time here and there thinking about, and maybe getting closer to making a move.

If I do anything, my blog will still be the same as it always was, only with a bit of a facelift. One thing I wouldn’t have though would be the advantage of this wonderful WordPress community. To my regular readers here on WordPress, please don’t forget about me! If I go anywhere you will still be able to find me in a few other places such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Bloglovin. Or, you could just remember to stop on by once in a while – I am still committed to weekly posts. If you are not a WordPress user but have signed up for email updates, don’t worry, I can import your information to the new site which will still be http://www.rejoicefortheday.com. (Most of you who are non-WordPress email subscribers I personally know, so if importing the addresses doesn’t work, I will let you know how to resubscribe when the time comes.)

I don’t think I can leave WordPress completely though. I have found so many blogs that I enjoy reading so much over here. I will be around even if just as a commenting fan!

Remember nothing has changed yet, and when it does you will probably notice. Either my page will look different or I won’t be showing up in the WordPress reader anymore, but just so you know, I didn’t disappear! I am looking forward to new opportunities that may lie ahead, and maybe even some new followers as well.

Thanks for reading and please keep stopping by!




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