The End…of February

It is THE END of blogging about my month in photos. For the month of February I have been doing a 365 project. I downloaded the app for my iphone, and have been snapping and saving daily photos just for the fun of it – oh and to show off on the world wide web. I am not done with the project, just with boring you all I mean, using it for blog prompts. (Actually, I have had great feedback on the project, and I thank everyone for the positive responses. For most, it seems, it wasn’t boring at all!)

Before I get carried away with another photo loaded post, I stopped to think some more the other day, and before I start to even think about moving away from WordPress, I am gonna give a few things over here a try first.  My blog is going to be going through some changes in appearance for a little while until I decide what it is that I want to commit myself to. (I really seem to be very indecisive with themes, templates, etc., and what I can and can’t do with my blog. It’s a work in progress, maybe even small amounts of progress, but still progress. It’ll get there when it gets there.)

Okay, back to the photos and the post at hand. My last week in February, and it was the fastest week of the month! I also found out a few things about myself this week:


24th – I found out that I didn’t completely kill my Bleeding Heart plant last summer. It is coming back and I am so glad I didn’t throw what I thought was only dirt into the kudzu last weekend because I was positively sure it was a goner.

25th – I found out that girl scout cookies DO NOT last long in this house and I am partly to blame for this. My guy made me feel better when he said they are for eating not for saving. So, why yes, I will have four more.

26th – I found out, nay reminded myself, that I am picky about certain things.

27th – This one shocked me the most, I found out this day that I am a key thief! Nope, these are not my keys in the picture. I unknowingly pocketed somebody else’s keys from the gym and didn’t even realize until I got a call from the guy the next day. He told me how he had to bum a ride home and had a hard time getting into his own house. Snatching keys is so easy, I didn’t even know I had done it, the guilt was enough for me though, and if my mind wasn’t made up before- which it already was- I won’t be pursuing a life of crime. The embarrassing part was that the gym operator had to review the security tapes in order to find out who had done it, and the whole incident was described to me in great detail. The man wasn’t mad at all, and actually thought it kind of funny, especially since the same thing had happened to him on Sunday, only I wasn’t the one who had taken the keys then.


28th – The best pic of the week!  (Remember they are all iphone pics so not the best to begin with.)  We spent some time at the state park earlier today and got an unexpected encounter with a barred owl.  The boy even got to pet it, but that pic was on my real camera.

And just like that, February 2013 is over and will forever be remembered on this here ole blog!  Now, let’s see what March has in store…

10 Replies to “The End…of February”

  1. That owl picture is awesome! And gosh, you’re making me crave Girl Scout cookies! Thin Mints sound so good right now…

    I really want to do a 365 project, but I don’t get out much (working from home and all) so my photos might be really boring.


    1. Thanks! I wasn’t sure how exciting my pictures would be either, I also spend most of my time at home, but it is neat finding little things from the day to take pictures of. It is a lot of fun, you should try it, even if just for a month. 🙂


  2. “So, why yes, I will have four more”. That made me laugh. Great post, I love it.
    I remember getting the theme options figured out, then realizing that I hated what I’d done, and needed to revamp. I thought I’d never be satisfied, but i happened. It’ll happen for you also. 🙂


  3. I’ve so enjoyed your daily pic posts! It satisfies the same (only slightly weird) desire that I have to peer in people’s houses when they leave their lights on & the curtains open. 🙂 If you ever feel like blogging about them in the future, I’m sure you’d have a willing audience!


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