We are really liking those bees!  I only wish that we would have done this sooner, but now is better than never.

So far things are going great.  We’ve been thoroughly checking on the hives weekly and checking on sugar water levels mid-week.  It has been a month since we set up the hives and we’ve seen new bees emerge, we’ve found both queens on several occasions, and the hives seem to be growing well.

There’s lots of brood, and honey stores are showing up.  In fact, they bees have filled about seven of the ten frames so far, mostly with brood, and after last Sunday’s check, Stephen thinks we are ready to add another brood box to the top.

This empty space up top has been for the top hive feeders which the bees are about done with now.  There’s plenty for them to collect out in the forest and the muscadines will be bloomed out any day.

I have a lot of bee pictures that I have taken with my phone, but Sunday my boy was the one taking them while I was busy somewhere else.  I really like how his came out so I am using some of his today.  A few are from me also.  🙂 Enjoy!

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