A Spring Vineyard and the Firecracker Dress

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About a month ago, the vines were just barely leafing out.  Also about a month ago, we were feeding new bees and after our best dressed day of the week, we were in the vineyard checking on them as the day was coming to an end.  A perfect opportunity for some outfit pics that are few and far between over here these days.

This is my Firecracker dress and I think it’s only shown up a time or two on the blog – mostly as a Me Made May pic.  It’s been awhile since I’ve taken vineyard pics of myself as well; and truth be told, it has been my boy that has taken all my vineyard outfit pics for me.

He’s getting more patient with taking pictures as he gets older, and that’s a good thing cause I sometimes like to stop and see how everything is growing.

Please don’t get the wrong idea about my shoes.  It was muddy and the ones I wore for the day were too nice.  So, no, it’s not a new choice in everyday footwear for me.

Even though this one is a little on the blurry side, I think it’s my favorite.  I’ll say it has that soft focus look, how about that?

P.S. A week after this and the vineyard looked like a different place.  It’s crazy how fast those vines grow!

Outfit details:

Dress – Made by me || Sweater – Express || boots – from my mom and the best rain boots I’ve ever had 

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