2018 started out as the year I would, once and for all, get my camera totally figured out.  I started the year with a bang. I was tagging along to the boy’s photography class, I was into a 52 week photography challenge of my own, there were assignments and tips on technique etc.  I was even spending a little time each week thinking out my photographs, and then spent some more time getting out and finding that perfect shot.  It lasted all of 4 weeks?  Who noticed?  I got busier and busier with everything else and let my photo challenge fall by the wayside.

Day 1 – Time as seen between two rose buds.

I’ve been bitten once again by the photo bug, and I’ve got friends with me this time as extra motivation.  It’s like I am a part of my very own camera club.  I have two friends with the same camera as I have and they, like me, are learning as they go.  Recently another friend got a fancy camera and we’ve all been sharing links and articles to help each other out.  I joked that we needed to start a camera club, and it’s kind of like we all went with it.  I mentioned the project 52 that I got started with at the beginning of the year and a couple of days later, we had one of our own to do.

Day 2 – Your Everyday. For me, it’s driving.

We’re ambitious and instead of over 52 weeks, this Project 52 will be over 52 days – basically summer break.  We skip Saturday so it’s a photo every 6 days with one day off.  So far all is going well.  I got a day behind one day last week, but found the time to make up for it the next day.  And I over shot another day so I have several pics saved up for later on in the challenge.

Day 3 – Out of Focus
I couldn’t decide so here is another ‘Out of Focus’.

I think photography is an ever learning endeavor.  I don’t think there’s a point when you finally master it all.  Fully knowing your camera can be accomplished, yes, but other than that, I think it’s all a work in progress.  The concepts can be learned and the basics, but with every shot you’re ever improving.  That’s my take on it anyway.  I will have some good days and some bad days – good shots and bad shots – but every one will just make me that much better.

Day 4 – Shadows

Oh, and then there’s the art of learning Photoshop.  That’s an endeavor in itself.

Day 5 – Morning. My least favorite photo so far. It was rainy and cloudy and hard to get a picture.

What I have posted is what I have taken so far; I’m a little over a week in.  My camera is a Canon 70D and I do my editing mostly with Photoshop.  Pics that look pretty good straight from the camera, I upload to my iPhone and have done a few minor adjustments with the iPhone photo editor.  My goal is to have the pictures look good straight from the camera with the exception of cropping and straightening.

Day 6 – Unbalance

My friends and I have a text thread that we are sharing our pics to, so I ultimately end up with what I take onto my phone anyway.  I am also posting on Instagram and with this new blog theme, it’s kind of hidden.  You can see my Insta-posts by clicking the top left pull down, at the very top, the one with the three horizontal lines.  I do have plans to post them here on the blog as well; weekly, when I am able.

And another one for unbalanced cause this day day was hard.
Day 7 – Love. And I love this picture.
Day 8 – Outtake. Despite the lady that showed up and the boys making weird hand movements, I really liked this one. Still an outtake though.

As I’ve said before, I do love a photo challenge!  Who else has done one?  Did you ever make it all the way through?

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