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Dear Diary 2018: Week 50

We’re down to just about the last week of 2018.Β  How is that even possible?Β  More catching up to do, but the last couple of weeks haven’t been that eventful anyway, so no one is really lacking much by my recent ‘lazy’ posting schedule.Β  πŸ™‚ Week 50: Saturday […]

One Month With Bees

We are really liking those bees!Β  I only wish that we would have done this sooner, but now is better than never. So far things are going great.Β  We’ve been thoroughly checking on the hives weekly and checking on sugar water levels mid-week.Β  It has been a month […]

Mail Order Bees

It was back in January that I ordered bees.Β  Tractor Supply sent out emails for pre-ordering and we jumped on it.Β  There were two kinds: Carniolan bees or Italian bees.Β  We picked Italian after asking around – Google knows a lot!Β  In the three months that we waited […]

A Start at Beekeeping

The bees are already out.Β  I stepped on one a couple of weeks ago.Β  I felt really bad about this afterwards but it wasn’t until my foot was at the point of stomping that I even realized it was a bee.Β  My bug mentality has been to kill […]