We’re down to just about the last week of 2018.  How is that even possible?  More catching up to do, but the last couple of weeks haven’t been that eventful anyway, so no one is really lacking much by my recent ‘lazy’ posting schedule.  🙂

Week 50: Saturday and Sunday, Dec 8th and 9th:

So I am almost two weeks away from this particular weekend and I am trying really hard to remember it… Oh, yes, Saturday the 8th, we spent the day at a friend’s house in Memphis.  It was rainy and cold, plus there was a wintry mix expected this evening.  That just meant we didn’t go to IKEA this night to do some shopping.  Instead we came home just before the rain/sleet hit.

Sunday we only left the house to go to Walmart.  There were slick roads with an icy atmosphere almost everywhere but where we were.  My dad sent me a picture of the ice coated muscadine vines, but when I went out to look at the ones I have at my place, they had not shimmer of ice whatsoever.  Weird how the weather can be that different in just a short 13 mile drive.

Monday, December 10th:

The sun shined today!  It was wonderful, and that’s the highlight for this day.

Tuesday, December 11th:

Freezing fog came in last night and we woke up to a frosty wonderland.  I was running late to school or else I would have stopped and taken lots of pictures.  Maybe I will have a chance again before the winter is over.  Made it to the gym this evening, hooray!  And my shoulder is pretty much all better.  I worked it very slowly in class, and only felt a little bit sore when the night was done.  But not sore in a bad way.

Wednesday, December 12th:

School, school, and more school.  Finishing up stuff for the end of the year and I am trying to keep on top of grading.  Also today, I got a new pair of boots delivered (at least I think today was the day I got them) but there was a little bit of a defect that I didn’t even notice right away.  Can you spot it?

That’s a piece of tissue paper the boot was wrapped in, not the defect.

Thursday, December 13th:

Did what I needed to do around the house this morning and then headed out to the property to check on the bees.  It’s a warmer day than it has been and we needed to know if they still have sugar for their winter food.  It may be warmer, but it isn’t any sunnier.  Another dreary day in West Tennessee.

The first time I have put on the bee suit and actually checked the hives myself.  I didn’t need to do anything other than lift the lids up this day, but I was kind of surprised by how many bees were at the top of hive number one.

Friday, December 14th:

Shopping day!  There’s a baby shower I am going to this weekend and I needed to get the last of what I couldn’t find online for it.  Also, it’s been awhile since I have browsed some stores with money to spend, so I did that as well.  Plus groceries and lunch.  A busy day out, but a good one.

Saturday and Sunday, December 15th and 16th:

Saturday was a pretty quick day for me.  We did our usual.  A few days ago I found the time to hem the last two items of clothing I have made in recent weeks, so I was happy to have them ironed and ready to wear.  I wore one today and one on Sunday for the baby shower.

Sunday morning my guy hunted while I got all the food ready that I was taking to the pot luck party we were invited to.  The afternoon was fun.  We were surrounded by friends and family and got to celebrate the upcoming arrival of another expecting couple that we know.

After the party, Stephen got himself a new toy for the PlayStation and we spent the rest of the evening messing around with that.

And that brings me to this week.  But seeing as I’ve spent all day between what I have needed to do around here and getting this post written up, I will stop where I am and fill you all in on week 51 another day.  Spoiler alert, not much excitement in these parts these days.  But I will be back, probably before the weekend is over, so I can leave the last week of the year for a post all by itself.

As always, thanks for reading.  ❤

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