Again, I am playing catch up with my weekly routine.  I didn’t post last week because, honestly, I didn’t have much to write about.  If 2018 was anything for me, it was the year of weight gain and body aches.  The year I start going downhill?  I sure hope not, but what a week this was in the body ache department.  The weekend was good.  I did start getting a pesky little cough Saturday night, so I kept myself up with that.  Sunday morning, Stephen was up early and hunted.  I thought about joining him, but didn’t feel the best.  Instead, I stayed home until he texted me to tell me that he had gotten something.  He was happy; I was happy for him.  Once that was done, we spent the rest of the day home doing not much at all.  If I am remembering right, the boy worked and I started on something with some material scraps.

Monday, November 26th:

Back to the school week.  Papers to grade and lessons to teach.  I made it to the gym this evening and after missing most of last week, class was rough.  Always a good workout though, and I sleep very well, so I can’t complain much.

Tuesday, November 27th:

A very regular Wednesday, and then this evening, I managed to pull something, I don’t know, in my shoulder.  What I think happened was that I started working out with weights before I was warmed up enough and as I lifted over my shoulder I felt something weird.  I took it easy the rest of the time but I knew something wasn’t right.  This kept my left shoulder pretty stationary for the rest of the week, and me feeling sorry for myself.  Just when all seems to be well, something happens lately.

Wednesday, November 28th:

A moody Wednesday for me.  The boy was having a teenager moment, and with my shoulder hurt I couldn’t do my regular stuff.  Not a good day.

Thursday, November 29th:

I took today off and went to a friend’s house for the afternoon.  Worked on my quilt some, and spent the day doing something other than feel sorry for myself.  Went to the gym but for a very easy/light workout.  My Beachbody program is currently on hold.  I have yet to make it though a program at home.

Friday, November, 30th:

I spent the day at home and I cleaned as much as I could.  My shoulder is feeling a little bit better.  Well, I am doing more with it today anyway.  I have been taking time out to alternate icing it and heating it.  It helps.

Ah, the weekend.  Saturday was spent catching up on sleep, and with friends.  The day was great!  I had been looking forward to this weekend all week.  Sunday we went to Memphis to see a show at the Orpheum.  Getting dressed up and going out for the day was just the mood booster I needed from the week before.  And, lifting my arm to curl my hair is hurting less and less.  🙂

Week 49:

Okay, so this week wasn’t that exciting either.  Wait, not that exciting for me anyway.  The boy, well it was the best week ever for him.

Monday – Wednesday:

The regular: school, house stuff, pay bills, etc., etc.  I was waiting on Fed Ex a few days this week and when they called to say that we should pick the package up instead, that left me free to leave the house for a couple of hours on Monday.  I took the day off from the gym, trying to rest my shoulder as much as possible, and only made it to the gym one day this week.

Thursday – Friday:

The boy got his new trampoline which left him busy during his free time putting it together.  The cold weather didn’t keep him from it, and it was Thursday morning when I woke up to this:

He put the frame together in the driveway Wednesday night, and it was now that I realized my shoulder was feeling fine.  He and I had to move it to where it was going to be set up, because obviously it couldn’t stay in the driveway.

He spent Thursday morning doing that and since my shoulder was better, I went to rack and taste test wine that I had sitting in the wine room since September.

Friday, the trampoline got finished and I got everything done that needed to be, except for cleaning the garage.  That mess isn’t going anywhere so it’ll be waiting for me the next chance I get to tackle it.

And that is the summary of the last two weeks in my lately, boring life.  Thanks for sticking with me, even when there isn’t much going on.

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