Me Made Monday: Another Ticket Dress

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She’s got a ticket to ride has been in our heads all weekend.  My guy started it.  My newest dress has been hanging in the bathroom and he has seen it hanging there almost every day last week.  Then I wore it on Saturday and those six words in my head over and over got old.  But really, what an appropriate name for the dress, ha ha.  I just called my last dress the Ticket Dress, so I am going to have to really think hard for this one.  But what I do know is that it’s a copy cat.

In March of 2017, I came across this dress – worn by the lovely @aclotheshorse that I follow on Instagram.  It was Unique Vintage brand and I loved it.  It was also around the same time that I was thinking about making my Cherry dress and the style was pretty similar.  My fabric hunt began.

As you will notice, her dress had reds and brighter greens.  Mine has pinks and lighter greens.  I would have much rather preferred the primary colorway, but what I got was as close as I would get.  And you know what?  I think, it’s the pinkest thing I own.  I am not really a pink kind of girl (I never thought I was a red kind of girl either, come to think of it).

The pattern is B6453.  This is the third time I have made this dress, and as all of my dresses do these days, it has pockets.  I’m pretty much lost without them when I wear any thing I made pre-pockets.

I corrected my mistake from the last make, and went with the full 1/2 inch off the bodice.  I didn’t take in the princess seams any like I said I would last time, and the fit is pretty good.  The only different thing I did do this time was to use an invisible zipper.  For this style, I think I like the lapped zipper better.  As easy as they are, I won’t use an invisible zipper with this one next time.

I am happy with my copy cat dress.  I wore it already but with a different color sweater, and I have three sweaters that I can wear this one with.  I do have my eye on some more sweaters to go with these fit and flare dresses of mine.  In addition to fabric hoarder, I am becoming a bit of a sweater collector as well.  I really can’t have too many of those.  Funny thing is though, I tend to wear the same two the most.  Kind of like how I tend to sew the same few patterns the most.

Have a great Monday, my friends!

5 Replies to “Me Made Monday: Another Ticket Dress”

    1. Thank you! My sewing tip is to always read the pattern directions when you are first getting started. I’d have been a better sewer a lot sooner if I would have. 🙂


  1. Beautiful Erika,
    I like the colors in this dress!!! It reminds me of Spring. How about ticket to spring for a name? What are you making next? 😀


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