Monday, December 17th:

Today was the day I did all the laundry.  How did I end up with so much of it?  And what usually happens when I wash all the dirty clothes, I run out of hangers to put them all away, so I did something about this and went through my closet.  It was a quick go-through, and I only filled half a laundry basket with things to-get-rid-of.  This at least gave me the hangers I needed to put the rest away.  And that was pretty much my day.  I also took apart the living room and dusted everything.  It had been awhile since I’d done this.  And how all of this pretty much took my whole day is beyond me.

This evening I made an easy dinner and we played the new game, again.

Tuesday, December 18th:

School today and it was a busy one.  I am working hard keeping up with grading and such.  The boy’s work this year still remains very easy for me, and he’s starting to think about what he wants to do when school is over this coming May.  He’s got a few ideas, and when the new year comes we will start looking into that for him.  This transition of him growing up has been a little easier than I had expected, so far anyway.  I’m not saying I like it, but at least I am not crying as much about it as I though I would this year.  Ha ha!

Gym tonight and I was my shoulder even hurt?  Everything feels great.

Wednesday, December 19th:

Last day meeting for school for this year and I was exhausted.  Once school was over, the boy was on his way to work, and I had the house to myself, I took a nap.  An hour long nap and I passed out.  It was needed and helped me make it through the rest of the day.  I started dinner after and then made it to the gym for a few hours.  The rest of the say was pretty uneventful.  Just the usual.

My most popular Instagram posts from the year.

Thursday, December 20th:

A busy day away from home but before that, we paid off our very last credit card debt this morning.  This was a big deal.  We’ve been carrying around a few credit card bills for longer than we should have been.  Once the both of us sat down and decided enough was enough, we quit using the cards, and about two months later paid them all off.  It’s great!  So, no more of that to deal with, and I was left with a little bit of cash to do some shopping with.  Shopping for me kind of shopping.  Usually my me shopping involves going to and buying yards and yards of material, but not this time.  I went to the mall.  Specifically Macy’s.  That’s as far as I made it before I ran out of time and had to be somewhere else.  I found three of the softest cardigans I ever did feel, and happy day they were on final clearance.  Looks like I am left with more mad money to spend how I’d like.  Hmmm, I wonder if is having any sales…

Spent the rest of this rainy afternoon at a friend’s house and then met Stephen after he got off work for pizza and drinks.  It was a great day!

Friday, December 21st:

Today I had the not so fun shopping to do, the grocery shopping on a Friday at Walmart with everyone else in town.  It was especially busy today and it took me forever.  But before I left the house, I finished making a calendar on that I had been working on the last couple of weeks.  My guy got off early, and we are looking at a nice long weekend at home.  Dinner was easy, we ate out for a late lunch, early dinner, and the boy only wanted soup.  He’s feeling under the weather today.  Being sick has been going around and around my group of friends and one of us here finally got it.  By the end of day, Ethan was feeling much better, but it was I that was starting to not feel the best.

Saturday, December 22nd:

Okay, so I slept so stuffed up last night, I tossed and turned.  But no sore throat and I don’t really feel bad, so today was a day like any other Saturday.  Found a me-made that wasn’t too tight, and had a great day of rest with friends.  Tonight I traced, cut out, and made a new skirt, just to have it not be the best fit.  It’s a huge disappointment when that happens to me.  I followed the directions and went with my right now measurements, but still it was a little snug.  It did zip up though, and I think the main reason for the fit has to do with how I cut my fabric, against the grain so I could fit the skirt on what I had.  This means there is practically no give.  Yes, that is it.  That’s my story of it anyway.  🙂

And that is all from me for last week.  I am in progress on this one and I will have my last week of 2018 up in no time.  The year is just about over after all.  Enjoy the last of your 2018, everyone.  Until next time…

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