Whew, 2018 was a fast one, or was that just me that thought so?  So much goes on each year, I am glad I have a place to keep up with it and document a few of my moments, with added pics when available.  So, the last week of the year has come and gone and I am now well equipped with what I need to add to my day to day over here on the blog.

Sunday, December 23rd:

I’ve been on a sewing spree lately, and today was no different.  I started on another dress, but it didn’t get very far.  I made the bodice, then sent it to the corner because I wasn’t liking the fit.  This was a little irksome, but it didn’t take long for me to find something else to try.  Only thing, I didn’t have enough mess up material to work with.  It was rainy this morning so my guy hunted in the afternoon.  Stephen’s hunting is the main reason I get to sew so much this time of the year.  As it was for me in the sewing department, no luck for him in the hunting department.

Monday, December 24th:

Stephen hunted late again today, it’s been raining over night and into the early morning a lot these days, so that’s been the ideal time for him.  I went to Walmart for a few things to hold us over the next couple of days, and I got some more practice material to start something else.  I didn’t like it either, by the way, but I like to think I am learning a thing or two in the process.  Before all of this we spent some time outside cause the sun finally decided to shine for a little while.  I took some pics for a future blog post, then took on ladder duty.

You see, Ethan has this mega trampoline and needs lots of videos to post on his Instagram account, so since I was outside anyway, I was asked to climb the ladder and record for him.  He has his own little set up, and it works really well, but he has to go up and down every time he wants a video.  It’s easier for him to have me stand on the ladder.  Easier for him, because I get tired of “one more, no, really, just one more…”  over and over again.

Tuesday, December 25th:

We had a lazy morning at home.  I made a late breakfast as I have been a lot lately, and we just enjoyed the time together.  This afternoon Stephen and I went to feed the bees since it was warm and not raining.  They needed food.  We came home and spent some more time around the house then headed to a friend’s for a New Mexican style dinner.  It was so good, and it was great spending time with everyone that made it.

Wednesday, December 26th:

Back to the regularly scheduled week.  I had the house to clean up since we’d all been home for four days, but I didn’t have to worry about cooking.  We were invited to the niece’s house for dinner.  That meant a trip to Jackson, and a little bit of window shopping.  We are in the thinking process of doing a few upgrades to our house, so I stopped by Lowe’s to see what they had.  I only came home with an extendable ceiling fan brush, which I like so much, and several pictures of mirrors and I think I found the tile for when we get to it.  It was a good day.

Thursday, December 27th:

Today really was normal day for me, cooking dinner and all.  Cleaned, went to Walmart and then back to the gym.  Class was good, and we skipped on the weights and just did some extra cardio.  I spent a few hours with friends this afternoon and worked on my quilt.  I also got my new Shutterfly calendar in the mail.  I love it!  Oh, and how can I forget that I saw the prettiest sunset of the year on my way to the gym.  It was amazing!

Before I left the house…
Just down the road.

Friday, December 28th:

Regular Friday stuff for me.  A few errands, laundry, and everything else I do on a Friday.  This morning I did get to meet up with a few friends for breakfast and that was wonderful.  Also, the exciting part of my day, was while at Walmart someone walked off with my basket after I had just got done loading it up with everything I needed.  At least my purse wasn’t in it.  I was bugged cause I had to shop all over again.

Saturday, December 29th:

A great day!  Went to Bible study, saw friends we hadn’t seen in awhile, and just relaxed.  This evening I looked through my fabric scraps to find something I could make that would be a wearable success.  Got started on it and so far so good.  🙂

Sunday, December 30th:

Stephen hunted early this morning and I woke up to coffee and my sewing room.  Got that dress just about done, but needed a smaller zipper.  Did some stuff around the house and then this afternoon spent some time on the ladder recording Ethan again.  This evening I went through my material again, and found something else to make.  It’s coming along nicely as well.

Monday, December 31st:

The rain is back.  We didn’t do much outside.  Stephen didn’t even hunt.  We did go to town for a late lunch and then to Walmart, because we just can’t go too many days away from the place.  I got the zippers I needed though so my dresses will be done tomorrow.  Ethan worked this evening for a few hours and once he got home we spent the evening together and before we knew it, it was after 1.

Tuesday, January 1st:

We stayed up late the night before and we all slept in today.  We had a late breakfast, and then today was very much like all the other days off lately.  Stephen hunted, I sewed, and Ethan played games and went to the gym.  Plus he worked again today, cleaning stuff at his gymnastics gym.  This afternoon I went out to the property to wait on Stephen while he hunted.  I needed to rack wine, so I did that while I waited on him.  I am very pleased with my blackberry wine from our blackberry crop last summer.  It is really good!

And that puts me into 2019 and just over 1,000 words of what I did the last week of my 2018.  It was a great end to another great year.  I am very thankful and happy for all that I have.  I’m sure I will have a few hurdles to overcome in 2019, but I am going to just take it all one day at a time.

Thanks everyone for reading all about my life for one more year.  ❤


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