The first week of summer break for us, and I started it off feeling lousy.

Sunday, May 20th: We had to bottle wine.  I wan’t feeling so bad, just stuffy enough that it was annoying.  A head cold I’m pretty sure is what I had.  I was stuffy with a runny nose, plus I felt a chesty cough coming on.  I made it through the day fine and sweat out a lot of it out, as it was hot and humid and we were out in it.  The wine we needed to bottle was in the cellar, and it was humid down there too.  Plus before that we were in the sun checking on bees.

Once that was done and we came home, and it hit me worse.  I went to the bedroom and lay there for a while.  I browsed the internet looking at all the posts from the ‘Royal Wedding’ that took place the day before and thought about how neglected my blog was.  The guys talked me out of the bedroom, and we hung out for what was the rest of the night.  I still felt bad, and I couldn’t even taste the wine we opened from one of the bottles we had filled earlier that day.  Bummer.

Monday, May 21st:  I felt better this morning.  I didn’t sleep in and instead of getting online I sat myself down at the school table and finished all my end of the year paper work.  All except for a few papers that I was still waiting on.  It was a big accomplishment.  I then cleaned up a little and took a nap.  No gym tonight, not feeling up for it, so instead I watched my guy fly the drone.

For the last several weeks there has been a lot of commotion going on to the side of our house.  I knew trees were being taken down and I wondered how far they’d go.  I hope they are done now cause I like the tree line and if they get rid of it I will be sad.  We flew the drone to see what it looked like.

Tuesday, May 22nd:  Think this head cold is past.  I only have a cough now but feel fine.  Met a couple of friends at the Discovery Park of America for the day and afterwards had delicious food at a place in Martin, TN.  The Grind Mac and Cheese Burger Bar is the name and they have Facebook worthy food!  That’s where I found out about it.  Lot’s of people around here make the 45 min or so drive to have one of their creations, and I kept getting pics of the place in my feed.  My friend had seen them on Facebook too, and since we were only a few mins away after the museum, we went.

I had tacos.  My friend had the donut burger, and we shared the fried mac and cheese balls sprinkled with hot Cheetos.  My nephew, after his meal, had this ridiculous shake.  FYI, there’s a Klondike bar in the middle of all that whip cream!  I didn’t even taste the dessert I was so full.  I will have to go again, only next time take the guys.

Wednesday, May 23rd:  I spent the afternoon at a friend’s house with some others and I started my quilt.  I got two hexagons done and I’m so happy about it.  I would like to have it done by the time school starts again.  Let’s see how that goes…

Thursday, May 24th: Got the last that I needed for school stuff and I am now officially done with the 2017-2018 school year.  Today I also started another photo challenge.  That one I started at the beginning of the year didn’t last long.  This one though is with three others so there’s more motivation.  It’s supposed to be a 52 week challenge, but we’re ambitious and going for a 52 day challenge.  I’ll post more for that later this week.

Friday, May 25th:  The boy and I went to Jackson for shopping and lunch: Kohl’s, Jason’s Deli, and Sam’s club.  We all got something.  I skipped the gym all week and I don’t feel bad about it.  I gave myself some time off.  I even was very laid back with the house work.  But next week will be a very different story.  I think I will give myself until Tuesday to get back to it all, and that’s all I have for last week.

Thanks for reading.

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