Dear Diary 2018: Week 20 continued…

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Morning!  I got hit with something Sunday and it left me feeling lousy for a couple of days.  I’m just now getting round to where I left off.  Sorry for the delay.  Back to catching up:

Saturday, May 12th:  Saturdays are the most uneventful days of my week and yet the most looked forward to.  There’s sleeping in, Bible study, time with friends and family, and a very laid back kind of mood.  Today was no different but I did get to take a little walk and see some of what my friend has growing in her yard.  This particular friend is #gardengoals!  She’s got the greenest thumb of all I know.  My only complaint about today would be the 20 plus noseeum bites I got while out enjoying the growth.  I was miserable with these for the next three days.

Sunday, May 13th:  Our Sunday routine has been to check on bees and replace sugar water.  Today was no different, but we were a little later than usual for that.  We did have an early morning though and had a friend over to fix the frame around our back door.  Our house is ten years old, and I am noticing that at about ten years, some needed home improvements are starting to show up.  That got done and the bees got fed.  The day was still pretty similar to any given Sunday close to home for us.

I probably need a new umbrella

Monday, May 14th:  We’re finishing the last of school stuff and getting ready for tomorrow’s end of the year pizza party at the lake.  I’m working on grades and getting my grade sheets in order.  I started the week off at the gym and made it to my regular Hiit class on a Monday, yay me!  I also took advantage of the shining sun and tried to get a little color to my skin before the inevitable shade of pink that is too come the first day I spend more than an hour outside.

Tuesday, May 15th:  Pizza party lake day!  This is pretty much all I did until it was time for my boy to go to work and me to go to the gym.  I had too many cupcakes, but how often does that really happen?  It was worth it!

Wednesday, May 16th:  The muscadine freezer got emptied on Monday and today the last of what we had in there is being turned into wine.  77 gallons of muscadines and I’m gonna have 30 gallons of wine.  That was this morning.  I got an early start today and the rain held off so we were able to get everything pressed without more than a few sprinkles.  Also took a short walk through the vines and looked for blooms and bees.  I can’t wait to see the bees on the muscadines.  We have yet to really see them on any of the blooms around the yard.  They must be finding plenty of pollen in the forest.  Tasted the barreled wine today also and some of it needs to be bottled this weekend.

Thursday, May 17th:  Our last photography class and it was at one of the student’s property.  Not much photography going on, more like an open house and thanks for taking the class kind of thing.  I had my iPhone so I couldn’t help but get a few pictures.  It rained today, and I had a lot to catch up on since I spent most of the last couple of days gone.  If I am remembering right, I skipped out on the gym this evening.

Friday, May 18th:  Wine bottles!  That’s pretty much all I did.  I needed close to 100 bottles cleaned and ready for bottling this weekend.  I have more than that in my garage.  I soaked, delabled, and cleaned 80 something bottles.  Also today, the boy took his last two tests for the school year and immediately reminded me he’s now a high school senior.  Where has the time gone?!?!

That’s about all for last week, and it’s almost time for me to start this week’s recap.  I really will be posting more than just these weekly recaps.  I’ve just not had the time for anything different the last couple of weeks.  Hope everyone has a great rest of your week and by now, I’m sure summer break is about started for everyone!  Enjoy it.  🙂

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