Dear Diary 2018: Week 19 and 20

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I have some catching up to do, don’t I?  I didn’t intend for such a blogging absence, but the days just kept getting away from me.  This evening is pretty much the first time I’ve even gotten on my computer since a week and a half ago.  Let me fill you all in, the best I can.  This is probably going to be a long one, folks.

Monday, May 7th – Photography class with the boy was first and we were downtown Jackson early for a photo walk.  I enjoy these photo outings a lot and I know I am not the student, but I took my camera and took advantage of the time walking around to get some pictures of my own.  I only got one photo of me and what I was wearing, the rest were sights and scenery from the area.  And what I was wearing just so happened to be my first Me Made May outfit of the month.  (I’ve not been a very good #MMMay participant this year.)

Later this day I figured since I started yard work the day before, I had the great idea to continue on with it.  My sinuses were not happy about this.  Allergy season has been bad for me this year.  But the back yard got mowed, more weeds got pulled, and thanks to my dad that big tree limb in the back got cut up.  Me working on grading papers and such went to the wayside, as did the gym but I got well over my Fitbit steps for the day, and Stephen and I were able to spend the evening relaxing by the fire pit.  The first time this season and it was so nice.

Tuesday, May 8th – I started this day early at the gym.  It’s the last week of boot camp and it’s been six weeks of some earlier than I am used to mornings.  I have to say, I kind of like the way the day goes when I’m up at 5 am.  I feel even more productive than usual.  I can’t help but take a short nap on these afternoons though cause even though I am waking up earlier, and doing more exercise, I am not going to bed any earlier to make up for it.  It is not unusual for me to run on about 5 hours a sleep during the week.  Am I really doing my day to day on only 5 hours of sleep!?!?

So boot camp is done and for the rest of the day I played photographer once again.  The school group met in Jackson for group pictures and we went to a neat little train museum in the downtown area.  It was hot, but I think the fastest group picture taking day of all time!  We were done by lunch and almost all of us made it the a nearby pizza place to finish off our time together.  It was great.  I ended up this evening at the gym and mustered up the energy for two classes.  I burned just over 1000 calories total working out this day with all I put in at the gym.  Overall, a very good day!

Wednesday, May 9th – I was pretty much glued to my seat at the school table going over the last of the year’s English with my boy and grading papers.  I got up only to check on laundry and told myself I must avoid the computer at all costs.  I didn’t need any distractions.  My regular gym class was cancelled this evening so I met my guy to check on the bees.  We tried to find the queen that we didn’t find on Sunday from hive 2 but didn’t have any luck this day either.  We know she’s there though cause there are eggs and growing grubs.  Maybe we’ll see her next time.  The pic below is from Sunday when we found the queen in hive 1.  I circled her.

Thursday, May 10th – More grading and school work to finish.  The boy is at the finals stage for this year so he’s studying and going over chapters etc.  Me, I am doing my best to avoid distractions to get it all done.  Before all this, it was my final day at boot camp.  The class size fizzled out a bit towards the end and there were only three of us that pretty much made it consistently.  My friend asked me if it was fun.  I guess I wouldn’t really say that boot camp is fun, but it was a great workout and got me out of my workout comfort zone.  I ran a lot more than I am used to and did a lot more ab work than I do.  The change-up did me well, and even with my diet slip up the last couple of weeks, I did drop a slight amount of body fat.  I know it would have been more had I been paying attention to what I was eating the last three weeks.  I wanted to do boot camp again, but just found out this week that the next round was cancelled.  I think I will look for an early morning alternative myself.

Finished this evening by the fire once again.  I love fire pit weather!

Friday, May 11th – I had high hopes to finish grading, sew, and clean my house.  It didn’t happen.  I thought about what I would be sewing next time I found the time, did a little bit of grading, and spent the rest of the day cleaning the rooms we’re in the most, AKA the kitchen and the living room.  Ethan came home from the gym this morning with a new hover board and I took a break to watch him mess around with it.  I hope this isn’t what breaks his bones.  I’ve been waiting 17 years for something to break and nothing has yet.  I am very thankful about this!  Today he did get injured though.  A screw went through his foot.  He landed off the mat tumbling and punctured the side of his foot with a screw that was attached to the tumbling floor.  His injuries so far seem to be from the least likely sources.  I mean, he does triple flips at very good heights on a regular basis and likes to jump off any and everything he comes across that will make for a great video clip, and his injuries have come from holding a glass and hitting a screw.  That boy!  ❤

Okay, so I’ve already written a lot and still have another week to tell about.  I am kind of tired and not feeling the best this evening, so I think I will stop here and pick up where I left off tomorrow.  Stay tuned, more about my life lately to come…

*Edited to add: ‘Tomorrow‘ will now most likely be Monday as I’m a bit under the weather and not feeling up to doing anything.

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