After Sunset


I have a few of these blonde gray hairs showing up here and there, but after Sunday night, I may even have a few more.  First off, Sun-day was wonderful.  We have several friends visiting the area from back in New Mexico, and as is always the case, a big ole cook out was in order.  And big ole cook out it was!  Lots and lots of food, and then the usual after dinner game of volleyball.  The weather was perfect, a beautiful fall day, and there was not a single bead of sweat to be found on my forehead, even in the thick of the game – it was perfect I say!

The children spent most of their time running and tumbling on the front lawn, throwing the football, and playing games.  There were no complaints that I was aware of.  Evening came, a nice fire was lit, and the guitars came out.  All the while the children were still happily enjoying their time hiding and seeking, running and jumping – you know, all those fun things that children do.  It finally got dark enough that outside time was over for the younger of the group, so into the house the children went, leaving the strumming guitars and singing voices to fill the night air without them.  Very soon after this, it all came to a halt.  It was immediately brought to my attention that my boy had just crushed a glass in his hand and stitches were pretty much inevitable.

So, the day was absolutely wonderful, but once the sun went down, my guy, the boy, and I were in for a really long night.  I won’t go into any of the yucky details, but it was my boy’s first emergency experience and mine as well – with my boy that is.  I always knew this day would come, I just figured it would be a broken bone or something like that – he has always been a running motor of a child.  Funny thing is that it wasn’t the football game that got him, it happened while he was sitting down drinking a glass of lemonade, go figure.  He is fine, he’s a tough one.  The gash just missed everything major, but it was right on the fold of his wrist so doing anything with his left hand is not happening for at least a week, he has to keep it braced and immobile.  My boy, unfortunately in this circumstance, is a lefty.  He’s looking at two weeks with stitches.

So his fall break is ruined, and so far mine hasn’t been going that well either.  I have been in no mood to sew up any dresses, everything seems a day behind, and all of those super fun outings that were planned for this week we have had to cancel.  (I sure hope those pelicans come back by Tennessee this time next year.  Maybe one day I’ll get to see them because Friday’s canoe trip is definitely a no go.)

We did get a chance to hang out with a bunch of friends today, so it’s not all that bad.  And, with these friends visiting, there is bound to be a few more days that won’t be boring and dull for my boy.  He is feeling much better pain wise, and I have a feeling we may make something of the week yet.

That  is the 411 with me as of right now.  Only a minor blip in my mothering life.  I told Ethan he can’t go breaking any bones for at least 6 months – I need some time to recover.  I also asked him if I could go ahead and get him that bubble that I have always wished existed, he wasn’t amused.  🙂

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